Renthal bars for 426

I put regular renthal handlebars on my 426. I was going to get the pro tapers but i didnt have money for that and the triple bar clamps. So i spent 80 bucks and bought regular renthal handlebars not the fat bar. Can anyone tell me if this bar will bend easily? My stock bar bent when i just dropped the bike. How strong is the renthal?

The renthals are definatly stronger than stock, but not nearly as strong as pro tapers. As for how strong they are, I don't know because I always replace them with pro tapers. You do know that you can get universal 1 inch bar adapters for like 60 bucks right?

Don't you hav anything better to do than ask stupid questions?

I went to regular Renthal bars, YZ bend after the first ride on my 426. I like the feel better, and the metal alloy make-up is better. I have dropped my 426 once and no bending. I could feel the stock bars flex on landings from table tops or drop aways.

Ignore the rudeness; some trolls just look for a way to start a flame. The members here have been a tremendous source of help for me. If you have a question ask. You won't learn unless you speak up.


Bill Barnard :)

Florida 426

If you have been reading this kids posts you would know he is just trying to get a rise out of everybody. I was not being rude at all. This kid is a "TROLL"

As inflamatory as the original post--which simply asked about the difference in strength between "standard" and pro taper Renthal bars--was, I found the answer useful. Significantly more useful than the quesion about whether or not the original poster had something better to do with his time. As a "newbie" and somebody with a lot of what are probably stupid questions to you old seasoned pros, I would ask that you not assume a question is stupid to everyone just because you already know the answer. If a particular poster offends your delicate sensibilities, I would suggest you ignore his posts.

Well, Benederdondat, since it appears you just popped in the back door, maybe you aren't aware of what goes on here sometimes.

Sometimes people will come on here and pose as "newbies" with all of these stupid questions just to see what people will say.

They end up getting kicked off the board for whatever reason and then sign up with a different name just to irritate people.

I hope this is not the case here but if you go and look at this other persons case, it appears that a trend is devoloping.

Havent we all had a stupid question? I learned my lesson w/ the 2 topics I wrote. A little advise dont lie in your posts the members do research. As far as the bars I have renthals on mine and I had a hard crash and they did not bend

I was just thinking....ever since i had gottin my renthal bars, I haven't really crashed. Maybe just the little spin out here and there, but nothing bad. Huh, maybe I am not riding hard enough? maybe my yami is crying inside and screaming at me to "open me up and let me rip you sissy". Alright, I outta here, gonna tear my bike up and show her who's boss..i will let you know how the bars hold up after my whiteknuckle ride tonight...

Thanks to all the people who answered my questions. I am not trying to piss anyone off. Im sorry if my questions are stupid to you. And yes i just joined thumper talk i am a "newbie" to this. I find it irratation that people goto all my posts and critisize my questions and can't explain to me what the hell trolling is.


I apologize for lashing out at you. There is a kid who keeps coming back with new ID names asking stupid questions to everyone.

I'm back from my ride ALREADY...I think my Yami knew what was coming. 20 minutes into the ride, the back tire blew out... :) O'well maybe I will get to test the renthal strength in the morning.

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