WR Flywheel?

Will a WR Flywheel work for extra weigt on my YZ?I can get a stock WR flywheel for cheaper than a after market.Will this even work?

Thats a good idea, I wonder if it would work?

I'm using one now! I ended up getting one from a gent in Australia. Don't know if that matters or not, but it works perfectly! Bolted right on and no need to space the cases out or anything. I love it! Adds just the right amount of flywheel effect, and you can use it to power lights too. Of course, I'm talking about the flywheel with lighting coil too. There are probably some TT'ers out there that are willing to trade you there WR's for your YZ's. Ask around! Maniac

It will work, and quite well I might add.

I would love to know.I live in Canada and getting after market parts is very expensive.I know some of the pro's on this site will have an idea.

Excellent Work Fella's!!

I stand corrected >> Now we all know!! :)

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