Tough crowd here.

Im afraid to even post...........NOT!!!!!!

I just adjusted my rear sag ,by the book around

95mm .now it feels alittle this something I should just get used to or what?

What measurements are you guys using and why?

I hope this hasnt been beat to death,I know how

you guys can get.


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If you are pre-loading the spring to achieve your desired sag than you quite possibly need a stiffer spring?

Anyone else???

How much free sag do you have.


Check your free sag by setting the bike on its wheels (no stand). By hand, off the bike, bounce the rear suspension down, then up to the top, then let it sag under its own weight. Measure. This is free sag. If you have LESS than 20mm free sag, you probably need a STIFFER spring. If you have much more than that, you probably need a softer one. This is because the preload can be set up high enough to get proper race sag of 95-100mm on a spring that is a little too soft, but it would not give you the right rate. You would have to set the preload too high to get the right race sag of 95-100mm. This free sag test will tell you.


I have about an inch to an inch and a half,with no weight on the bike.The sag was never set for my weight even after the suspension broke in, un-

fortunatly i got used to it that way.


01 426 wb r4 renthals ect...

20mm is aprx. 3/4of an inch correct?If the race sag is set properly shouldnt that affect the free sag I had to turn the bottom ring about 6 full turns to get the right sag.Iwas told the bike was set up at the factory for a 200 pound rider IM 190 so it should have been close aaay?

Spring rate is in my opinion based solely on the ridesr needed setup.

How much do you weigh?

I am 213lb and have the stock spring on my bike. I have sag set at 100mm and set the free sag to about 20mm.

I set the suspension accordingly as per the specs in the manual and adjusted compression, rebound & damping to what I like.

I think it is personal prefreance and style...

Here is a link to a real good article on rear setup

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Thanks for the link EGO. Very Cool.

alrighty then ,now IM an educated man thanks for the link and advise guys

Your welcome, see, were not such bad guys after all. :)

One thing I ran across this past week. My front end wasn't absorbing some of the smaller bumps like I thought it should. Called the suspension guy and he told me to check the static sag. If it wasn't at 30mm then to put it there. He said not be as concerned with race sag. I did as he suggested and man what a difference. I had mine way on the soft side. Most readings say for static sag it should be between 15-25 mm. Anything under 15 mm means to soft a spring I believe and anything over is too stiff. (Think that's right, I know it's backwards from the way you would think.) At 30 mm, it put my race sag at 92 and it's awesome.


my race sag is at 95mm which put my free sag at 22mm that should be close enough. I can do huge

400ft TRIPLES now right?????

756 Yes you can now clear 400 foot jumps. With no hands I might add.

I had the same issue as yourself. Small stuff was killing me. Turned out to be two things wrong. My fork was binding just a tiny bit, and I had TOO MUCH SAG at 100mm. Since I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this out, so I started from scratch, with Enzo's suggested settings, which seemed stiff on paper, but in reality, are quite plush. Now Im set at 95mm sag, with 5.6 rear spring, stock is 5.4, and my fork has a .47 from the stock .45 or .46 cant remember which. Breaking and accel. bumps are soaked up nicely, and it takes a really big hit to bottom harshly. Big like short on a 60-70 footer big hit. And I only weigh 180 lbs. My thoughts, you need a stiffer spring. But to each his own. Good luck

400 ft??? Go for it but I would watch the crusty video for possible results. :)

I can do my 65 ft ones now and if I over jump it doesn't feel like my spine is compressing.

Like I said, most books say between 15 and 25 mm of static. The guy at Pro Action told me to go to 30 because the 4 stroke were heavier than 2 strokes. Mine was for some reason at 38.

Course, I'm definitely not the person to be taken suspension advice from. I'm an idiot when it comes to trying to dial a bike in. I just know now that mines as good as I've ever had it. (Well paid them to do the work and got the sag in check.)

I just know on the smaller, choppy type bumps I could feel them go through my arms unless I wheelied through them.

In the end you may want to test one day with different types of sag and see what works best. I just never seem to have that much time.

Good luck and be careful on the 400 ft'rs!

I've personally seen 756ROOST-IT ride. and as a charter member of scott/shawson team, he's got to be the fastest guy in the straights :) ... I hear Alice in Chains.. "The Rooster" when he cracks the throttle and might I add, he has to have the loudest freakin exhaust on the planet. (think I lost my mid-range hearing yesterday... love those White Bros)

(he did the 40' double yesterday so he's got something right)

'ssap mench? "how much ya bench?"

Shawse, turn on your private message thing so I can bust on you...

The man who put Scott in SCOTT/SHAWSON

look i got rid of my xr Im hanging over here with my blue buddies go back to your honda side


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Hey, lighten up Cap'n Caseout. (like I have anything to talk about)


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