What size brass oil bolt wahers on 2000 426?

Mine are toast and I want to have replacements ready next time I change the oil. Anyone know what size to get?


I believe they are 12mm as the bolt it self is 12mm. :thumbsup:

how about the frame mounted bolt? any idea?


the frame drain I assume that is 10mm

The screen filter at the base of the frame is 17mm I believe maybe 14...

Maybe this will help I just went and purchased 10 each of all the crush washers on the bike here are there part numbers. i don't see a size but this is there oem numbers... Main oil plug for case washer # 90430-12213, Frame washer # 90201-08087, crush washer for radiator drain # 90430-06014-- if you call your local dealer and give them these part numbers they may be able to tell you the exact size of the washer :thumbsup:

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