03 CRF blown up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just for informational purposes only !

Keep in mind that I like all thumpers, big and small and every color, I just happen to own a Blue one.

At the track today a freind of mine that is a Senior citizen that just recently purchased a 2003 CRF (10 day's ago)was out making his first track ride on the new machine. On the second ride out it began to stall alot and then begin making a loud clanking metallic sound.

He brought it in and it seemed to be seized up, so we let it cool and tried to kick it over but something wasn't right, it had a bad tight spot.

To make a long story short, It punched a hole through the valve cover on the right hand side and there is a peice of metal about 1" wide by 1/8" thick sticking out about a 1/2".

I am going by his shop tomorrow to get a picture of it to post.

He has had it only 10 day's and will be returning it to the delearship Tuesday in hopes of getting a new engine for his bike.

This bike had only about 1 hour on it, and I know him personally and race with his son in the over 30 Intermediate class.

This bike had been poked around on and thats it !!

I guess either the rocker arm on the exhaust side failed or either something to do with the auto comp, device.........whatever it is, there is a bunch of metal coming out of that hole in the valve cover.

Talk about bad luck, good thig he still has his 02 CRF to ride.

I'll keep you guy's posted on Hondas results on the rebuild.

Later, Jason

# 67 over 30 Int.

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I know Yamaha has a 30 day warranty, I sure hope Honda does too.

Thanks for the heads up Jaybird. I'm all set right now to get an '03 something. I've been riding red 2 strokes all my life, but have read a lot of bad things about the red thumpers here. At this point I don't know whether to go red, blue or orange. I was hoping the red guys had corrected flukey engine failures on the 03's. The suspense is killing me. When is there supposed to be a magazine shootout?

No matter what you buy there are always going to be a few lemons. I'd wait a short while if you can to see which problems are the norm and which are flukes. I would imagine that something breaking in the head would not be the norm.

Well now there's a key difference between Red and Blue. Blue=30 day warranty. Red=0 day warranty. Maybe Honda will "goodwill" the repairs, but I wouldn't be holding my breath for a new motor.


Why are you guys are SO BIASED against the Honda? It's amazing! I own both but you guys are acting like kids?

By the way, my Ford is better than you Chevy.

I don't think anything biased was said, simply stating a fact about the 30 day warranty.

I have owned Hondas with success myself, I like both bikes. That doesn't change the fact that Yamaha has a warranty and Honda doesn't.

westladog, no one here was badmouthing hondas!

the guy was just telling about a blown up bike, and it just happened to be a CRF...

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