Hello Norcal Riders. Going riding at Georgetown this Saturday June 9th. Have not rode there since early 80's. Can't remember where all the trails are. :) Must be from brain damage from hiiting haed on to many trees :D Anyone want to come up and join us. Already coming are Mike(quit your whinning I'll pay you for those great Thumber Talk Decals on Saturday) :D RetSenior (He's so lazy he had to buy an Orange Bike so he didn't have to kick start it) :D 2 virgin woods riders (Nephews who think Carneige is great) :D and acouple other friends. Come on up and join us. Ride often and Ride Safe. Hey Mike Watch Out For The Trees!

Moos Hi

We are going to gerogetown on the 16th I know the trails very well if you want to wait a week let me know.


Unkle Moose, where are you staging from? I will try to make it.

Monty, I will also go with you on the 16th. I was going to strip my bike down this week end to put the Baja stuff on. But can do that during the week as well. :) Hate to miss a chance to ride. Monty, I will email you. Paul.

Paul sound good,Moose let me know if you want to go on the 16th with us also.


Monty thanks for the offer, but have plans for the 16th.

Pmaust We are meeting at the shopping in Auburn (exit Foresthill off of 80 go right then first left, Perkos in center by IKEDAS fruit stand) We are staging out of Mace Mill. I have a 96 Dodge PU White Wr426 & XR400 in back. Other truck is a Ford 4 door white with a 5 bike trailer. If you want my cell phone email me at ( Hope to see you there.

Unkle Moose, it is easier for me to come up from the 50 side. I will give you a call to coordinate arrival times at Mace Mill. Look forward to seeing you there. Until then, Paul.

Monty, will you be able to make it this Saturday? We have a dinner engagement in Shingle Springs at 6 p.m. so I will have to bail early enough to go home unload change and get back there in time. In either case I will definiately make it on the 16th! Later, Paul

Hey Paul It seems like 50 is a better way to go. I will be coming from Brentwood. When I get to Placerville is it Spring St. that I turn on then Left on 193.

Paul and Moose can't make this sat, got go look at a trialer for my sun in law.Paul give me a call next week to set up meeting for ride, you guys have fun.


Paul and Wally are you going to make georgtown this week end the 16th,we need to meet at cool for braks,at 7;30 to 8;00am I have a better place to stage then mace mill.


Hello Monty Can't make it this weekend, but going back up on Sunday the 24th. Went up last Saturday trying to find trails I knew from 20years ago, boy has it changed. Kept ending up on the same trails. We staged out of Mace Mill. Hope to go meet and go riding with you and Paul soon. Have a safe and fun ride.

Hi Moose

Next time you go up to georgetown go on up to bald mountain and stage out of there more trails and it's up at the 5000ft

Hay moose we had a geart ride at georgetown last week end did 42 miles all new trails.You have fun this weekend.


Monty, sorry I didn't make it last Saturday. We put our house up for sale and it sold in one day! :) So, I had to hang around sign paper work. W and I are planning on going up this next Saturday the 22nd. Two of my sons will be joining us. I'll call you. Unkel Moose are you guys going up this week-end? Let me know. Anyone else up for it?

Hey pmaust Were going up on Sunday, can't make Saturday as were having a party for my parents 50th Anny :) Got my cousin coming up from SoCal with his new KTM 300 2 smoker:0 He just went from 52 to a 48 rear says he needed more top speed:rolleyes. I told him where were going you won't need top speed, so he can eat my THUMPER DUST ALL DAY :D Hope you can make it up.

Unkle Moose, Wally and I are working this Sunday. But lets keep trying we'll hook up one of these week ends. We should try to work something out with Monty. He's a good guy and fun to ride with. Later, Paul

Paul we are going to try to go to gepretown in july they get summer rain that month sometimes 2in so i;ll post a date and see if it will work for you and W also moose gang.


Hey MONTY,PMAUST and all other NorCal Riders Need Help, Good ridin buddy (well he used to be until today) :) is givin us Yamaha Riders some good ol crap on the KTM side, Go to RET SENIOR topic MAN I LOVE MY LITTLE BLACK BUTTON Yes we had a small problem, put he's blowing it all out of proportion :D My Bro-N Law (Mike is Rider # 1 and I Moose was the other guy) Go over and some fun with-em. Buy Guys

Hey now boys. The black button is magic, but I still love the WR. Just had to make my life easier :)

Georgetown in July.

Count me in.



2001 KTM 400 exc. No upgrades, comes out of the box ready to ride.

I know i am old fashioned but, I haven't had an electric start on a dirt bike since my 1969 Honda 350 Scrambler! And that one I disabled and removed in order to reduce weight! Geeze, whats next, bumper guards? :)

Mike your on for georgetown get some dates out there and lets put it together.Paul,W,Moose,Huge,Silcon what do you think?


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