Yes I enjoy giving my good lazy buddy a bunch of crap because sometimes I sure wish I had that little black button.

JULY SOUNDS GREAT GUYS Only problem I have is I will be on vacation with family from July 9th to the 17th. Any other time lets go.

You know I'm up for it Monty. I'm supposed to be going to Montana for two weeks in July (depends on how my mom is doing, she has breast cancer :) ). I'm also involved in a hot project at work. Don't have the final answer yet but I think we are going to 7 - 10's starting next week. If I'm free I'm there!

Mike, I wish I had a magic button on my ride!

Mike just let me know what date works for everone I will be going to Idaho on the 27th of july for sand ridding at the Idaho dunes out of rexsberg and then up to yellowstone any takers? so make a date before that for georgetown.Do you think you will still make boomtown or does that depen on work?



I've made plans to ride the weekend of June 30, rain or shine. Dan maybe onto something. Maybe we should go to Kennedy Meadows instead? I've been dying to ride there for a long time and who knows what the Forest service is going to do around Boomtown. Either way I'm ready to ride.


Hello Guys Made it back from Georgetown But The Moose is damagad and on the DL. I hope not for too long. Heading back to trucks to pack up and go home, Was trying to catch up with my buddy (Ret Senior, Love My Little Black Button) when about 1/2 mile I was attacked by branch on my right arm, Hand stayed on the bars and no crash. I started to fell the blood running down my arm at once,Jammed back to truck, threw off gear, grabbed ice and towles and used a bungie cord for a turnique, We left everybody else to pick and load up. Well so far so lucky, did not break the arm but made hamburger out of forarm, Just letting you know, had good service at DELTA HOSPITAL in Auburn. Remember to ride safe because anything can happen. To DOUG,DAVE,BRIAN and Ret Senior Thanks for all your help and sticking around.

Moose, sorry to hear about your misfortune. Wally and I and two of my sons went to Georgetown this past Saturday and did a 47 mile loop over some of the nastiest trails around. Kicked our butts! :D One of the manzanita branches almost slit my throat! :D We had a blast! Anyway W and I are up for almost any Saturday in July to go back. Sundays a possibility if we know in advance so we can plan our work schedules. Let us know! Thanks, Paul :)

Hello Paul As soon as I get healed I will be ready....OOPS Wife says no more riding til I finish painting the house. No problem, end of july looks best. Hey it's raining out lets go tuesday. HAHA Remember to Ride Often ANd Ride Safe.

Stop whinning Kraig - it was only a flesh wound!

Ok Mike your right it was only a ripped piece of flesh :) (you've seen that before on my body, just sorry you missed this one) :D

But when I got my jersey off did my a&* pucker up, On the way to the ER all I know was my fingers moved :D But looking at the arm all I could think about was torn muscles, nreves and any other stuff in there. Arm feels much better today :D Now all I gotta do is finish paint the inside of the house :D and I'm ready to again :D

Since you are my B-Inlaw any help on the painting :D Didn't think so :D

You're right - I've seen you bleed, and been able to look inside parts of your body I wasn't meant to see, too many times already. But the whole deal with your arm made the boys think about the risks involved in what they are doing alittle, which is cool. I figured I'd have to sew one of them up (most likely Doug) to get this same effect - you saved me the hassle - Thanks!

Painting - Sorry I'm busy that weekend! Oh right, you didn't say when..........but I'm still busy.

Mike don't worry about the painting, your wife or is that my sister said you should never be allowed to touch a paint brush :)

Oh thats how it works, do such a crappy job the first time then they will never ask you to do it again. ( By the way how did you wind up with 2 kids) :D

I thaught my nephews had heard enough stories about me to know the dangers, but seeing it in real is an eye opener :D So when are we going riding, you keep bailing out on us. Remember To Ride Safe

Hey Michael Since you keep ordering all these fancey parts for your bike but never ride it :D And since you ship the parts to my work :D I will now start to apply all parts to my bike :) and test run them since you don't :D Oh by the way you need to order a new Gas Tank from Ty Davis, a new YZ Seat and Scotts Damper/Triple Clamp Assy :D

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