Storm Suspension Linkage...Is it worth it??

Has anyone purchased the Storm Suspension Linkage? I was thinking about purchasing one for my '03 450F.

Is it worth the money? What changes did you experience in handleing/ride?



I purchased the Storm Linkage and was amazed at how much better it allowed me to turn and rail berms. I can turn the big 450 almost as easy as I could my old 125!! I am sure I won't be the only one on here giving the Storm Linkage a :thumbsup: If you get it let us know how you like it.

How much did it raise the seat height?

Yes buy it, install it and your YZF will turn corners much like a YZ. If it raised the seat height - I could not tell. This purchase for me made me very happy - the bike is much better now!

I just wanted to check since I'm vertically impaired :thumbsup:

First of all thanks for all of the input thus far. I look forward to hearing from others as well. A couple of you said, "It corners like a YZ". I haven't had a YZ. Can you decribe some of the handling charateristics and more specificly where you felt you gained improvement. Also did this change cause you to have to change your suspension set up?

Thanks again for all the input :thumbsup::devil:

It will raise the rear end, the web site will tell you exactly how much. The measurements are done at the back of the bike at the fender, if you are sitting on the tank in the corners the increase in hieght shouldn't be an issue.

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