Any OKIE'S out there?

I might be relocating to the OKC (Mustang) area and I was wondering if there is any good riding out there? I've lived in Kentucky and Ohio for most of my life so woods riding is all I know and I'm not in to MX too much. I spent the last few days with a few friends who live in Mustang but they don't ride so I don't know what the riding is like. I didn't see many trees or hills but OKC is a great city? We drove up to Tumbleweeds in Stillwater to see Tracy Byrd play and had a great time. If anyone can give me some info I would appreciate it. Thanks

Hell yeah there is some good riding here!!! First you have Motorcycle Raceway (aka Douglas and 59th) best dirt you will ever find!! Also Robbie Reynard and Johnnie Marley's home track. Cooperland is an hour up the road in Stillwater. Woodland Hills Offroad Park is down in Anadarko...about an hour towards Lawton...great sand track. and there are more. E-mail me at or if you have AOL Instant Messenger my name is MXCobra314 Let me know when you are coming here.

You Okie's need to talk to Mr. Guy Cooper about becoming a member of ThumperTalk!!

That Guy is so easy to respect >> very decent fellow!! :)

oops, I thought you said HOKIES.....go VT!

If your into woods riding try looking at the Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association (its Race all over the state and there are several classes to ride in. I think theres 15 tracks that we ride so you have a lot of variety.

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