Tires for my 426??

For those that don't know me, I just got into this sport, so please excuse my ignorance.

So, what are the best tires out there for the 426? I typically ride in moderately soft terrain, but occasionally on hardpack. Is there a decent intermediate tire? The aftermarket parts store by me was recommending the Dunlop 756, but I read that is only for soft terrain. Will it hold up OK if I use it on hardpack once in a while?


I cannot help you with the dunlop, I just put michelin s12's on front and back, and love them. I ride mostly in soft stuff. The store where I bought them told me on hard pack I might tear off knobs, so maybe the m12 it looks tough.


I have been using Dunlop 739's. I just bought a set of Maxis Maxx Cross IT's. They hook up. I have riden is soft loam and some Intermidate to hard pack. Both places the tires worked great. The best thing is they are $110 to the door from rocky mountain. I have also seen them as low as 27.99 for the front and 35.99 for the rear in Chapparal. Oh yah did I mention after both rides, they are showing almost no sign of ware.

I'll second the maxxis it for the rear up front i run a 756.Seems like a good combo.

I hold with the Michelin group. A whole bunch of people use the M-12 front and S-12 rear combo. That is what I use and Ill never go back. For a soft tire the S-12 seems to last forever. I do not ride in rocy terrian or in the woods, but they are holding up good. Blah, Blah. :)

Originally posted by The Blue One:

I'll second the maxxis it for the rear up front i run a 756.Seems like a good combo.

Um, Im really not shure how well putting a rear tire up front works, but I ain't gonna try it.

Just messin with ya Blue.

The Maxxis IT is probably the best all round tire for the dough. I had the Maxxis guy put them on at the track for $35 front and $40 back. That's friggin' unbeatable. So far after 3 rides in intermidiate they're holdin' up great. I also tried the dunlop 739's and they'd last only five rides. Oh and they cost 75 bucks and I had to put them on. Maxxis has my vote and my future business from now on. God that sounded like a commercial.

I haven't tried them myself, but a magazine did a test of a bunch of tires, and the Maxxis Maxcross IT's came out the best. they work for medium-hard to intermediate dirt.

Another vote for the Maxxis, fellers, if you want the biggest freakin' 19in tire in the world, get yourself the 120/19 Maxxis IT. My goodness, it looks like an 18in because it has major sidewall. I most likely will not go w/the 120 again, but it is funny to look at on the bike, all of my riding buds give me a hard time even.

How it works, I have found it to work well in most any condition, rocks/mud/hardpack. We have been dry here and I just rode some hard,grassy gp style terrain w/a buddy that rides an 01'CR250. I am rolling it on in 3rd w/a wheelie and he is slipping the clutch and spinning all over. He runs a 756 and our tires were put on at the same time. I have found the IT to be very durable and hold up to the torque these bikes put down very effectively! I have worn some edge off but the hook up is still very impressive. We did a bike swap while riding together and he was amazed at the hookup of the tire and the 4stroke in general..not to mention the top speed difference!

I purchased the Maxxis 120/19 from Rocky Mtn and it was 56$ to my door, I find that a great price!


Maxxis is Cheng Shin.

Maxxis is the American marketed company, but they are the same.


Maxxis International, operating under the name Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd. In Taiwan, was chosen one of the 200 best small companies in the world by Forbes Global in its October 29, 2001 issue.

Every year the global edition of Forbes magazine searches the world for what it considers the “Best Small Companies.” It covers more than 20,000 publicly quoted companies outside the U.S.A. with annual revenues of less than $500 million. “Cutting that universe down to 200 of the very best is no easy task,” according to the article in Forbes magazine. Forbes put each candidate company through rigorous screening for profitability, earnings and sales growth before making its final selection. This year’s 200 companies are located in 36 countries throughout Asia, Europe, South America and Africa.

We at Maxxis are very proud of this honor and would like to thank all our employees and customers who helped make this achievement possible. For a complete listing of all 200 companies, log on to

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Originally posted by Yak:

Maxxis is Cheng Shin.

Maxxis is the American marketed company, but they are the same.

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LOL Just goes to show you that what people think isn't always the way it is.

BTW, have a couple friends that swear by Cheng Shins. If they weren't so fast I'd give'm some shi t about it.

I am also fairly new to this sport. I replaced the stock D739 tires with D756 front and rear. I ride mostly soft-intermediate soil but there are spots of hard pack on the track I ride.

I have about 50+ hours on these tires. I definitely see rounded edges but for a weekend warrior they still have plenty of life. You have to be careful with these on hard pack though, they will definitely "skate" or unexpectedly lose traction if you are pushing it hard around corners. It is worth the ounce of caution on the hard-pack areas because I feel I can really trust them to hook up in the softer stuff. It has improved my cornering a bunch just to feel like I can lay the bike down low and not wash out.

So, I am going to stick with the D756 for the front. For the rear, I may give the Maxxis a try, otherwise I will stay with the D756.

BTW - I recommend mail ordering from or Good prices. Fair shipping costs (up front) and speedy service.

Good luck.

Maxxis Good

Dunlop 756 good

Michalins good

Parrilli good

Cheng Chin PooPoo

Just depends on amount you want to spend, terrain you want to ride on or have to ride on , Hard,Soft, intermediate

I am running the 756's on hard pack rocky dusty poopoo, They are holding up ok for the amount of rides I have on them. At first I was set back on how fast the initially wore, but they are hooking up real good and settling in. I recomend them

But wait for Hick to tell he He knows all and Sees all

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I run a dunlop 755 up front and 756 out back.Great combo for soft terrain with some hard sections.The 755 is a softer compound and will stick to the hardpack better up front than the 756 will.I have ran both 755 and 756 up front and the 755 works better.

try a bridestone 402 they rock on all terrain. Here in Alabama we ride rock mud sand roots tight woods it is the best all around I have found. Im done with dunlop.I think the michelin is good but priced a litter higher

Hey, thanks for all the input. I knew it was cause for some debate, but I like to hear all the experiences people have had with the different ones. I went to bobs cycle (it is right near me here in Minnesota) and bought the 756's. They were about $120 for the set. I will sure try the Maxxis though after hearing all the good reviews here.

Thanks for the input!! :)

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Michelin s12 front and rear they last forever, and the grip are perfect. Michelin is the KING

I agree with ya Teddy, the s-12 rear is awesome, I use a m-12 up front. I just tried the 773 rear, which isn't a bad tire, just the s-12 is a GREAT soft terrain tire.

That whole Cheng Shin thing being Maxxis is friggin hilarious. I know a few guys out here that run them in the desert and love them because they are so hard and last forever in the harsh desert terrain.

Maybe I'll give em' a shot next time I buy tires and give you guys a review. Have fun. :)

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