Tires for my 426??

Plus doesnt Maxxis still use all those girls in T BACKS for their ads? They used to in the mountain bike ads. They looked good! :)

hope the CROSS IT's hold up...just bought a set this morning...I had M12's front and back, first time I hit mountain gravel roads, I had to rotate the rear. The second time, was yesterday. thats why I got a set of maxxis tires this morning..

M12 groomed track only

Originally posted by bullitboy:

I hold with the Michelin group. A whole bunch of people use the M-12 front and S-12 rear combo. That is what I use and Ill never go back. For a soft tire the S-12 seems to last forever. I do not ride in rocy terrian or in the woods, but they are holding up good. Blah, Blah. :)

<center><h1>DITTO</h1></center> :D

I talked to a guy yesterday that had a set of the Kenda Carlsbad tires on his CRF. He said he loved them. He said that everbody that was winning at Perris and Glen Helen was running them. He had the front and a 120 on the back, and he said it was taking a while to get used to the larger rear because it lofted the front wheel everywhere. The part he said he was surprized with was that the tire worked really well on the super hard pack, concrete like stuff that most SoCal tracks turn into in the afternoons.

I stuck a thumb nail into the knob on the rear of that Carlsbad, and its stiff, really stiff. I was surprized that it hooked up on the hard pack. But he loved it, and they were like $70 bucks a set! Thats cheap enough to run it, flip it, knock that egde off and throw it away!

This whole Cheng Shin poo-poo deal is ridiculous. Ive heard of a lot of things, but being a tire snob? Chen Shin has been making quality tires for a really long time. Back when I was a kid, I sold dirt tires at a swap meet (from 1976-1980)and I cant tell ya how many 450/18 rim saver knobbies I sold. Literally in the thousands. I had Metzlers, IRC, Yokahama's, Dunlops all, and those Cheng Shins out sold everything. And guys would come back and buy them over and over and over. Why? They work! I still run a 5.30 C755 on the back of my CR500 to this day, and its a great tire. It hooks up just about everywhere, and wears like iron. Thats sayin something on the back of that beast. Back in the 80's I ran the C755 on my CR250, and a Metzler in front, a fantastic combo. Extremely predictable, great traction, low buck. The rear would cost me 28 bucks and the front 55. Im contemplating running the c755 on my 426 when the 756 is worn out. Which wont be long since I just flipped it over. The 756 works OK, but not great, especially for the price, and life of the tire. If I have to shell out 60 bucks for a rear tire, it better do one of two things, hook up like crazy, or not wear out. Unfortunately, if it didnt hook up like crazy and lasted forever, that would really suck, since throwing away a "good" tire bugs me. Kinda like my K490, the thing is like brand new, but it sticks like teflon!

I run at a DRY track.....I mean DRY. It's about as hard pack as you can get. There isn't even dust until the quads run their first moto. In the corners, little tufts of berms are built up from the marbles that we dig up going down the straights. It's HARD. I used to run 756's on both ends of my 01 426. The rear was a 120, the front was stock.

A few races back I was hard up for a tire on Sat night (race was on Sunday) so I went to the local Gas-Gas dealership (they are avid hare-scramblers..they say "Motocross is of the DEVIL!") and told them to just put SOMETHING on the front that would hold in the hard pack. When I went to pick it up, I didn't even check the name of the tire. It was $38 INCLUDING the install! I raced that weekend, and the front end HOOKED! My 756 in the back has always been consistently solid in the's not the most stable thing for hard pack, but it does consistently grip or slip at a set speed around the same corner lap after lap.

But this front tire..I couldn't GET it to let loose. I felt like one of those guys in the pics who's elbows are plowing rows in the berms because they've got the bike over so far. When I got back to the pits after winning the first heat, the guys who usually pull 2 or 3 bike lengths on me during the heats came over to see what I had been doing to pick up my lap times (I honestly took almost a second and a half off my lap time (laps around 1:18/1:19 consistently, used to be 1:20). I told them I got a new front tire, but that was it...we looked at the is an IRC. I've heard of the brand before, but I've never heard of anyone but the cheapo-hare scramblers using them. It really worked, and after 3 races and about that many practices on seems to be holding up pretty well. I'm going to try out some other 'off brand' tires the next time I need a front. Just a thought.

The 'hopper'

not that much more? thats over 50% more. Its all relative. Its $27 and its something you care about so you want the best and are willing to pay. Thats OK, but what if I wanted to sell you a $20 set of grips, or $15 oil filter. See what im saying?

Yak, from a percentage standpoint yes, we are in agreeance.

From a "do I feel it in the pocket" stand point, the $27 was well worth it to me.

wait till you eat it off in 3 rides :)

From experience Dunlop doesnt last nearly as long at the Maxxcross IT. The dunlop works great. But they are not the tire to use if you are trying to save money.

Not knocking your purchase YZNVegas, just stating what I have observed.

Where do you ride at Hopper? Sounds like Merwin..hard and slick!

I am one of those whacky woods riders but play on tracks as well. I know quite a few Topeka fellers, send me a pm. Later, Jason

Well, I just bought a new back tire for my bike and instead of getting Ching Shen and be a guinea pig, I stuck with the Dunlop 739. It has proved to hook up and wear well out here in the desert so I'll stick with it.

To my surprise the Dunlop was not that much more expensive than the Cheng.

$77 as opposed to $50

Jason ...

I am in Topeka. I race just south of T-town at a small mom-and-pop track called Dragoon. I went to practice last weekend at Kingsville with a few friends of myne, and I practiced at Wichita's Jeeps Club Arenacross track a few months back, but I've never raced anywhere other than Dragoon. I've never been to Merwin, but I've heard about it quite a bit. I heard it's loamy?? You're saying it's dry, too? We stopped at Drexel on the way to Kingsville last weekend, and it looked LOAMY. They were having a hare-scramble race there, so we went ahead and trekked over to Kingsville, but I wish I could have tried out the fo-tu-zix on something other than what normally amounts to a rock-face. If you're looking for something new, Dragoon's having a practice this Sunday (they usually don't have practices on Sundays). 1pm to 6pm. Just take 75hwy south out of topeka 18's on the West side of the road after a long bridge over Dragoon Creek. or email me and we'll get together (


The 'hopper'

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