WR- YZF 450

Ok first they don't just take away the 5th gear and leave the first 4. They spread out the power so that 1st gear will pull longer, second will pull longer and so on. So you won't think man I need that 5th gear. You can go just as fast with the 4 speed only with less shifting.

It seems to me that the key issue is what are the gear ratios for first gear on the 450 and the 426. Does anyone actually have this information? I have no doubt that either bike is fast enough, what I want to know is if the 450 is slow enough?

Originally posted by Ben Dere Didat:

Does anyone actually have this information?


The reason Yamaha made the 2003 YZ450F with a 4-speed tranny is because they believe it will give the gearing and engine a quick-revving 2 stroke feel. But it has been proved by the KTM 520SX that even with 520 cc's a 4 th gear transmision ratio is just not enough. It maybe on shorter tracks but when it is raced on big, wide open courses it runs out of gears, when the competition is up shifting to 5th, the KTM is flat. I currently own a 2000 YZ 125.

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