Remanising......days of old........


Seventy-five journalists and guests flew in from Europe to glittering Las Vegas for Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.'s final press test of the season - the YZ400F and WR400F.

The event spread over three weeks and consisted of four groups of journalists and guests, each staying four days. With 28 bikes and numerous locations to prepare, it took Yamaha staff from all over Europe, the USA and Japan to provide the technical and logistical support to make it all happen.

YMENV factory rider Andrea Bartolini, YMF rider Davide Vuillemin, plus Paul Malin, Carl Nunn and Neil Shepherd from Great Britain were there to show everyone how it should be done.

What's new about both the YZ400F and the WR400F is a revolutionary new 400cc 4-stroke engine that puts out a huge 55hp in the YZ and 45hp in the WR.

Unlike conventional larger capacity 4-stroke engines, it is as light, compact and tractable as a comparable 250cc 2-stroke motor. Fitting this new engine in a 250-size frame gives us something that has eluded motorcycle manufacturers for so long - a motocross bike with 4-stroke power and 2-stroke agility.

Many were effusive with their praise of the bikes, and those who had previously been skeptical whether high output production versions could be manufactured were silenced. One journalist from the UK summed up his feelings that perhaps best describe the whole event: "Awesome, man!"

YMENV testing of the YZ400F was carried out on Day 1 at the specially prepared motocross track which forms part of the Las Vegas Speedway complex


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That is cool, you know I remember back in 98 when I heard of the 400 I thought to myself I would never be lucky enough to own one of those. Now that I have my 01' I just got to figure out how to pay for it!! LOL Frank

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