'86 XL600R ignition woes

Hi all,

New to the forum and also new to an aged '86 XL600R that I got cheap enough. I just started with troubleshooting this bike, and the only manual I have at this time is for an '83 '84 model. The pinout on the CDI box in that manual is different from the one on my '86. Could someone translate the differences in the pinout from the '83 to the '86 and tell me if the values listed in the earlier manual are the same?

I plan to get a manual for mine, but at this time I don't have much information to work from. Maybe one of you can post the values for the ignition coil, CDI box, stator coil(s), or maybe post a link where I can find a schematic so I can begin to check these parts?

It either is getting no spark or a spark so weak you can't see if it fires the plug or not, and I don't want to start replacing parts just to find out the part I replaced isn't the problem.

The coil reads .4 on the primary (Fluke 77) and I can't get a reading on the secondary at all, like it's open.

I would suspect it is the coil, but after reading many of the threads here, I see that some of these problems can come from the plug wire/boot (mine won't come off of the coil) some can come from loose/dirty connections, some can come from the stator and some just like to be gremlins cause they -can- be LOL.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

Also, will a seat from a '91 fit this '86?

Is the battery charged up? I dont know if yours is the same way or not, but on the old XL's the battery had to have a decent charge for the ignition to work right.

Maybe you got it figured out by now, but here goes:

Coil primary 0.8 Coil secondary 4.1k (4000)

Source coil black/red-ground 235-319

Pulse Generator blue/yellow-green/white 450-550

For a weak spark, I'd look closely at that source coil.

Battery shouldn't matter since the system is AC (stator powered). You can swap a CDI box from about any close-year XL for a quick check on that.

Good Luck!

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