2 stroke forum...sorry!!! Where????

I am sorry to ask this here. I read your forum because the info. here is great. Is there a good 2 stroke motorcycle forum that you folks hang out at or could recommend?

I wonder if Thumpertalk would consider adding a 2 stroke section? I have not been able to find anything that compares to what you folks have created. Thank you. Back under my rock....





Straight talk about 4-strokes


[ August 12, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Go try these:


dirtbike.com (lots of dumb kids though)

EGO - you crack me up!!!!

RCannon - you're not the first 2-stroker to make this request. It's the highest form of flattering for nearly all of us.

I'm sure you have found DirtRider.Net by now. If you can get past all the chitchat, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that know their stuff.

As for adding a 2-stroke forum to this board, it would be best to just convert machines before the EPA does it for you. Consider it a head start on the pack.


You could also try Woods Racer.

EGO, I asked for it! Still, would you guys really descriminate against me because my stroke is smaller than yours?

Less strokes does not make bad folks! (new government campaign???) Would the NAACP help me?

Really though, it is the people and not the topics. I would be asking the same thing if you guys were Harley riders.

Moderators...how about it???? This is the best forum group around. I would offer my help in any way possible!

Dave, I really wanted a thumper. I had only 3000.00 to spend. I found a very low time 1997 YZ 250 that fit within the budget.

The YZ 400's I looked at in this price range were not in as good of condition as this 250. Many of them were thrashed.

Mostly though, I was scared of an abused 4 stroke motor. I can fix the two strokes but know NOTHING about the new 4 storke designs.

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