Yeah we have been posting and discussing the 2 trac for the last year. It raced in Dakar with some sucess. I think it is only an advantage in mud and deep sand. Not too practical for most off road terrain that dirt riders like to ride on. It will be nice when they get the weight down. I think it adds 25 lbs to the bike. :thumbsup:

Anytime you have rear wheel spin you are not getting optimum traction and are losing you ability to accelerate. Most types of terrain will benefit from this 2 wheel drive, though obviously to varying degrees. I guess there are also occasions you would want to have rear wheel spin to control a turn/slide but it appears that the benefits outweigh the inconveniences.

Your point on weight though is a good one, so I dont see them coming into lightweight bikes too quickly. But just wait until the weight (& price) comes down!!

How about one with the ability to switch the system off 'on the fly' if you wanted ?

I want one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW


Read a recent article about this... the TBM mag in the UK tried out the Stock WR450 side-by-side against the 2WD WR450, and came to the conclusion that after you have adjusted your riding style to accomodate the driven front wheel, the only time the 2WD is not better is in a straight line on a firm surface...

Just thought I would give my tuppence worth..


Man, this could be a big change! I'd love to try one out. I'm sure it will be a while (i.e., 1-2 years) before they reach the marketplace and are available to the public. It definitely could revolutionize the way we ride....

You can order one now... they aren't cheapthough...

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