RidenMD- Did you make it

Yeah. HOT HOT HOT!! :)

It turned out that the word got out and there were about 6 guys in our group. One guy looped out his pristeen KX 250 on a table up near the back left corner and landed flat on his face and chest. Thrashed his bike.

I was on the lookout for you, but I didn't see you. (Didn't look too hard - didn't want to leave the easy-up).

Some guy on a honda had a yardsale - his bike wasn't even rideable and it looked like he broke his collarbone.

SO FRIGGEN HOT! Car thermometer showed 113 - I can't believe we were out there in all our gear.

My next mod to the bike is a huge glass bubble with a damn air conditioner mounted on it.

Did you make it/survive it. Did you bring the kids?

Did you make it out to Piru on sat.?

Bummer! :D

I didn't see you otherwise I would have lent a hand.

If your elbow was truely dislocated (sounds like it may have been), then even though the x-rays are normal, there is a pretty good chance that you may have injured ligaments arounf the joint. Did the doc check if the joint was "stable" in the side-to-side motion?

Either way though, you should see an ortho guy. They can follow you to make sure the joint and ligaments are fine. They can also get you plugged in to a physical therapist. Also, you don't want this to haunt you for the rest of your life.

Early ramge of motion here is very improtant (as long as we are sure the joint is stable - you don't want it popping out again [this is unlikely]). I know it sucks, but try to test it by bending and extending it.

I'm sure they gave you pain meds, but you should take motrin (advil) this will help with the swelling.

What a lame deal :)

If you have any questions, PM me.


The only thing they checked was to see if i can move it. I've been trying to stretch my fingers and wrist,able to bend my elbow to put the phone to my ear,couldn't do it yesterday.Trying to get range of motion as soon as possible,rode my bike to work today,hand is strong enough to pull the clutch,wasn't strong enough to pull it on sunday!

So i think i'm heeling pretty good,have to see my primary doc first to be referred to an othro.Been icing the **** out of it-then trying to move it.

This is what they did to me when i played college football,3rd degree spain to my ankle(couple of times)stick it in an whirl pool filled with ice and some water for 10 minutes-then make you walk on it :D I also saw the other guy that biffed

it on the crf450-his front wheel exploded,when i left the hospital i saw his bike in the truck,there where only like 8 spokes holding it together!He walked in very slow with his eyes closed,colar bone concusion? His friend didn't know what he hit? I kinda yelled at guy who was soaking the ground-told him it wet enough (down hill-off camber)it was glissaling and he was still spraying water.You know how it is in the morning,

gotta wait to there are some lines formed and most of the mud gone.Was going pretty slow into that turn,felt like i hit ice!I'm only bummed because i can't go riden this weekend :) Thanks for advice! I'm gonna see how it feels tomorrow.I will see my doc on thursday to get a referral to an othro.

sounds good let me know.

The CRF-450 guy you are talking about was the guy I mentioned in the above post. His wheel looked trashed. Ride red - go figure.

Yes, i made it!,1st in the gate. I could have used your services! :D , after 4 laps just coming thru the tunnel going down into the left turn before the front, my bike felt like it hit ice,both frt and back slide out together. Put out my left arm as i was slidding in the mud, ended up dislocating my left elbow, locked position,screaming at my friend to pull my f******arm back into position,after the 3rd hard yank it went back in :D:D Went to henry mayo got it x-rayed-nothing broke or fractured. It is swollen and starting to bruise! I could not deal with traffic yesterday driving my van to work Last night i was able to pull the clutch in on my street bike, so i rode it to work today :) The er doc told me to go see my ortho,all my fingers work,wrist works, just swollen and bruised! can't bend or straigten it, what do you think?


Ouch…just got off the phone with Bruce. Don’t venture over here to the “blue side” much, so when I called him today to see if you guys were riding this weekend he gave me all the info. Hope it’s healing okay.

Got a bummer shoulder/collarbone myself. I bit it pretty hard at LACR a few weeks ago and it’s only now starting to feel a little better. I’m off to Pittsburgh for a few days then doing the final “othg” round at Saddleback the weekend of the 24th if I feel okay. I’ll give you a call after that to see if and when you’re up for riding.


Hey BigDesoto,

Sorry to hear about your elbow. Hopefully you're a quick healer and you'll be roosting in no time :)

Didn't get to ride this weekend, but it sounds like there was some carnage at Piru, so maybe it was a good thing I didn't make it.

I've also talked to the people watering the track and told them not to water the takeoff or landings on the jumps, and not to overwater one area. Not trying to be picky,just asking them to try to water areas that truely need it.

Also, if any of you guys are interested in riding at LACR when it's rented, drop me an e-mail. The track is already rented for the 23rd, and then on 9/05, from 4pm-9pm. Not sure how many slots are avaiable, so the sooner you let me know the better. Cost is $30.

Hopefully we'll hook-up soon.

what the hell is this a gossip forum?why don't you discuss the lump in your balls.....or how fat your woman is or something...

Your woman is fat? :)

Hey john,it's heeling up pretty fast,still hurts.

Goodluck in your last race of the series,hopefully you can place in the top 3!

cliff- what dates do you have for lacr?

starttman-gossip forum? i guess so,you just deposited your quarter!washerwomen!

BigDesoto...........check you PMs !

starttman..... :D:):D:D:D:D

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