XR650 'R' vs. 'L' Comparison evaluations

I just got a ST1300 to ride to work. My XR650R and XR400R cut traffic way better but, I feel better at the end of the 24 mile ride on the ST1300 I hate city riding and don't live in the city but, there is about 3 miles everyone piles up at every day on the way home and it's a parking lot. The BRP can cut through that like it's a single track. I get real nervous on the bigger bike.

I have been riding a dual sport bike to work every day since 1985. It is an SP250 Suzuki and is 19 years old this year. I rode it yesterday as a matter of fact. When I bought the L, I wanted to buy the last dual sport I will ever own. I don't want an R. I will be too old to kick it one day, but I will still be able to hit the "button". I will never sell the Suzuki and I will never sell the L. It is just the last bike that I will own of its type. Now my Kawasaki ZRX may be replaced some day, but not the L. Take my BMWs from me (I have 3) and I won't care much. Take my Kawasaki and I won't moan. Take my dual sport and I will die. It gets used every day and if it too bad to ride to work (not often in New Mexico) then I walk. At my age and riding years, I knew what I needed and bought it. The R is nice but I wouldn't trade straight across for anyone's R. It isn't what I would want or need. My BMW friends that own K1200RS bikes can't figure out why I restored my 1968 R60/2 and still ride it. At 32 HP it isn't what they want to ride. It is what I like to ride, though. So I suppose that my L and I will still be riding to work while the R folks have traded/broken/sold/forgotten their bikes. Some buy what they want. Some buy what they need. Some of us are lucky and do both. I hope you are one of the lucky ones.

Amen! :thumbsup:

I've ridden just about everything on 2 wheels and even a VW powered trike once. I love my R, I love my Roadstar, I loved my honda cruisers and my KX250, my GSXR and my CBR... the bull taco was a real [@#$%&*!] though.

To each his own, you guys that have 650Ls and 600s... ride em, and love em for what they are... motorcycles. (sure better then a pair of purple spandex and a set of rollerblades!!!) :devil:

You guys have really strayed from the subject of this thread :lol:. Origional question was, which bike is a better dual sport bike, the L or the R ? It doesnt matter if some of the old guys here or my grandmother like the L better, its still an inferrior bike :D. Just because I may think that a harley sportster is the best a dual sport bike for me doesnt make it so, it just means I am an idiot :thumbsup:. Bottom line is, the R is a better dual sport bike than the L will ever be reguardless of peoples misguided opinions :lol:

BTW - Electric start can easily be added to the R :devil: , that pretty much leaves the L with NO advantages over the R :awww:

Now you messed up :awww: 'E' on the "R" would be nice but, then it wouldn't be a "R" anymore and I am sorry for those that couldn't wait and got the one from baja deisgns, I need that 'E' button and auto cluch more then most would ever need it with my left wrist not being attached and no movement being fused but, man the thing is ugly :devil: did I say that again :lol: sorry I'd get a KTM525 first and I only ride red :D. I ride till there are tears and 2nd, 3rd and 5th are being replaced in my BRP because of my wrist but, I can't give up the pump start (auto cluch takes that away) and the looks and weight of the starter is out-ragious :thumbsup:

Yeah,and LA Honda has THIRTY 2003 XR650R's for sale(4999 o.t.d)They are selling like hot cakes! :thumbsup:

Buckarmadillo; was having the normal responce that I think most have in defending his beloved bike and I was just sharing, I wish that it could be different. I was just saying that I wish that when we tear into the "L" that we didn't get others roughled. I was just trying to get it accross that it doen't need to be that way :devil: and alot has to do with riding style on how happy you are with the bike you get. MOney has something to do with it and then you're happy you just to have anything you get, lucky enough to get your hands on, I lived most my married life that way :D:awww: I just though sence we talked before you get where I was coming from and see that Buckarmadillo was happy with his "L" and was waiting for some of us to get our "R's" plated and catch up. :thumbsup: There are some of us out there that wouldn't be happy on the "L" even if it was the only bike that we could have. Yes, I would ride it.....I got to ride but, I still can clear 70+ feet and like to ride where I shouldn't at speads that I shouldn't and the "L" is just to much to do that and live. I feal for those that want something more....Like I said, I spent a lot of my married life that way. I am sure I could get an "L" (if I tinkered with it), to do the same as what my "R" is doing in my avatar but, I think the fear factor whould make it less fun :lol: and that woulrd be more then it's normal limit.

Hey BWB63, I was looking at your picks of the Baja 500 and I saw that you were racing the 309x #. We were down there for that race and in the same class as you. Team Mako Steel on 308x. Funny. It's only our 3rd Baja race in the pro class and in the 250 we got 2nd. Damn it's a blast to go watch the races. You going down for the 1000 this year in Nov? Going to be kind of a [@#$%&*!] since it's straight to La Paz.

I wish it was me but, :blush:thanks no :devil:.....My bike is at Barnums right now though.....Last time I hit a tree with my head at flyin speed and left the bike 13' in the tree as I laid out on the ground. :awww: I was real fast when I was younger and faster when I was younger each year that goes by.....in forty year from now when I am eighty I'll be so fast when I was younger I think it might of been me that won the Baja :thumbsup::lol::D:lol:

I wish it was me but, thanks no .....

BWB63 Wish it was you on an L or an R , I bet an R :thumbsup:

Thanks....me too :D When racing I take it way to serious and can't relaxes and injoy it. I start riding way over my head, when just riding would be enough. You just can't be consistant doing that. Not to mention the pain that is involved.

It is getting real close maybe Tuesday I'll have my 680 :devil: then I'll start bagging on the XR650R. It's just too slow of a bike way under powered...... :snore::awww::lol: :lol: :lol: Then I'll get it stroked and make it a 710 and then the 680 will be just a waist of time :lol: :lol: :(:D When is enough, enough? :D The serious thing is that if the XR650R could loose a little weight.....It wouldn't have to be much...maybe twelve pounds and make the front of the frame a little stronger by moving the coil and boxing that space in for a little more oil. Maybe Ti sub-frame, Ti swing arm bolt and Ti front and back axle bolts. Maybe all Ti bolts......They make a lighter air box....it would be hard to find twelve pounds :D but, thats a gallon more fuel and all the extra goodies! When I got my bike new, I removed and weighed each thing I replaced and kept track of the weight change, just for kicks. I used a packaging postal scale. I took three pounds off the exhaust and added 2 pounds with the skid plate. The smog garb, handle bar, back fire screen, compression release cable, changed the cluch perch to a CR, removed the counter shaft spocket guard to a case saver and lost right at three more pounds so, I only lighten the bike four pounds and then the bigger tank, shark fin, steering dampener, fork brace, hand guards, rotor cover and the extra fuel I need to loose tweelve pounds to be back at stock :thumbsup: If they would just make the engine out of Beryllium, the frame and the swing arm also the bike would be as light (maybe lighter) the a CRF450R :lol: to bad the guy that machines Beryllium dies of Leukemia :D it's lighter then aluminum and harder and stronger then steel :awww: Thought I would see if others have found un-needed weight to loose :lol:

BWB63, I like the way you think dude :thumbsup: Im going to nominate you to the Honda design team... :D They could just manufacture the Beryllium frames and motors in Al Ghraib prison or the dentension facility in Guantanamo :devil: There are better things to do with terrorists than stacking em naked on the floor. :awww: We would get super light bikes and do the world a favor all at once :lol:

This is a debate I just went through. I just bought an XR650R with a baja kit that I still need to pick up. I have been riding a DR350SE (street legal) for the past 4 years and it has been flawless except it is very limited on the street. It will cruise at 70 but it just seems like that small air cooled is working too hard. I considered the 650L but it just seemed too heavy and little outdated. I have had my eye on the 650R since it came out and I figured for once I would get a "modern" bike. The one thing that concerns me is that the 650R has been the same for 5 years so my guess is that it will soon be improved, or dropped. I really wish Honda would make a street legal 650R in the states like they do over seas so I wouldn't have to worry about titling and so forth. Since I reside in Colorado for the time being, I am not too terribly concerned about titling.

I doubt they will drop it, look how long they made (still make) the xr400, and the 650L, both of these bikes had a very loyal following. I really hope the 650R stays out awhile longer..

The truth is that for the 650 class four stroke bikes, the XR650R is the best bet.

Other bikes

Husaberg FE 650 E 2003 This bike rocks! But, can you afford it?

KTM 525 MXC Desert Racing 2003 This is a nice bike (not in the 650 class but, will keep up) 265 pounds.

KTM 660 SMC 2003 Only 33hp @ 288 dry weight.

KTM 640 LC4 Enduro 2003 To heavy 328 pounds but, 54hp.

2004 ATK 700 Intimidator Are you crazy?

2004 ATK 620 Intimidator Way high strung.

2003 ATK 605 Enduro to heavy for the output.

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