Pic's of 03 CRF blown up !!!!!!!!

Here are the pics of the '03 CRF I promised. For the ones that don't know read my post "03 CRF blown up !!!!!!"Original Post

Here are the Pic's



Later, Jason

# 67 Over 30 Int.


That reminds me of the Alien Movie

Ohhhhh That must of hurt

I will be very interested to know how Honda Warrenty is now...

That sucks a$$.

If Honda doesn't give him a freebie on the motor change-out, I would spread the word about that and NEVER buy Honda in the future.

That just can't be his fault.

Ridn' RN just broke-in his new YZ 426 on Saturday - if that would have happened, I'm sure the Yami dealer would have taken it back.

Wow! Thanks Jaybird! Damn glad I found this site. Thanks for sharing the info.

Geeez......looks like Honda needs a stronger valve cover to keep all that loose crap inside.

should have bought a blue one. lol i feel for ya :)


I would think the next interesting photo would be of the piston.


Ya, um, exactly, what is that thing stickin out of there? :)

You may want to fix that little thingy. :D

Just a helpfull reply. Has thier ever been a motorcycle that has not had problems with bikes blowing up. Man I can remember when the 400 YZF came out phew!!! lots of cranks hanging out.I am sure that honda took good care of are TT buddy. If not I would like to here about it.


Bah, nothing a little JB Weld or Marine Tex can't take care of. :)

That'll Buff Out!

The 'Hopper' :)

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