What brand sparkplug?

What brand sparkplug? Any diff w/preformance in sparkplugs?

NGK iridium cr8eix. Thats all you need. :thumbsup::devil::awww:

NGK iridium cr8eix

I've been thinking of trying one of them, but are they really worth the price? I think I can get about 5 CR8's for the price of 1 cr8iex. If anyone noted any performance increace i'd be keen to hear about it.

As far as performance goes I did not see any. More reliable spark and consistantcy is why I run the cr8eix. I fouled 2 cr8e's right off the bat when I got my bike, when I changed to the iridium I had no more problems. After doing some research I found that it was probably fuel problems with the plug fouling. I'm not sure, I do know I am running the iridium plug and better fuel and my bike runs like a raped ape.

NGK for sure.

The regular plug wil be just fine.

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