Help, timing chain

Here is two questions for those that have dug into the top end.

1)once I have installed the timing chian tensioner the "I" that is supposed to line up on the flywheel is a little off the mark when the two punch marks on the cams are lined up with the top of the head. It looks as though if I move the timing chain a tooth here or there it won't line up at all. Is this an exact science? what am I doing wrong?

2) the manual says 7.2 ft lbs to tighten but my wrench doesnt get that low, would it be safe to assume that it is basically snugging them up?

Thanks for any help.

the "punch" marks on the cam should be lined up and the flywheel on th "I" mark all at the same time (with the tensioner installed). YES>>>it is an exact science.

As for the torque specs.....go buy a good torque wrench and set them to spec. FFR suggested maybe 5lb ft though.

It too took me awhile to get the timing perfectly right the first time, now I can do it in 2 minutes tops. On my head, the punch marks didnt line up exactly, but it was very close. A good way to fix timing is put the chain on the sprockets and bring to tdc. See which cam is right or if both are wrong, make a line on the chain link and the sprocket, to see where they line up. Sorta like this:

The marks may be a little off but I can assure you it is correct.

thank you for the feed back. I moved it one tooth in the other direction and it was way off, so back it went. It is real close but not perfect, it is an '03 so the chain might be stretched a little. I also went and bought a wrench that went down low enough and I think I got it right.


I think one thing that must be considered is the position and accuracy of the installation of the gear onto the camshafts. They are pressed on, from what I have been told, and if anybody has ever tried to press something on like that, you know just how much of an exact science it is. I had an intake cam that just did not line up at all, and the bike ran like crap. I tore into it, at the advice of those on here (yea TT!) and lined up the CAM LOBES instead of the marks on the intake cam to what they should be and it ran much better! I had an extra intake cam from my WR that I swapped it with, noting the differences in gear marks to cam lobe positions and the bike now screams. So, long story short, don't always trust those marks.... :thumbsup:

I agree with what Butta said, and adding to that it's well worth checking the mark on the flywheel. To do it properly you use a piston stop (make one out of an old spark plug) and degree wheel, but a long screwdriver down the spark plug hole does the job ok if you dont have the above tools.

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