2000 vs. 2002

I just wanted to know the differences between the 2000 and 2002 models. Also by being an intermediate rider would I feel these differences.


ive also heard of rear brake problems

my friend on his 00 has had his bike stick in 4th i believe it was, has shattered a few clutch plates and has cracked his gas tank

The clutch on the '00 is a roach, but easily fixed with about thirty bucks worth of '01 parts. Same goes for the bog, which was largely due to having the wrong needle in there.

Attention all '00 owners, buy an '01/'02 needle and clutch parts!

Yamaha got rid of the straight key in '01, the newer crank is splined where the counter balancer drive gear rides.

The 02 rear is different,swingarm and pivot point was changed and frt wheel hub.

For the most part, your lookin at some carb changes (jetting) plastic shape changes, and titainum valves.

Other than that,,,,,not much.

As an intermediate, you may feel the difference, but it wont be enough to enhance or detract from a lap time, I believe.

If you got a great deal on a 2000, and took the rest of the money you saved and put it into the suspension, you'd have a better bike than the 2002. That is, if your 2000 doesnt need a motor.

The 2000 had problems with the clutch,a slight bog off idle, and some tranny woes also but nothing that couldn't be fixed. All you needed was a good clutch basket a few updated clutch parts and the BK mod. I have an 02 now and have not had any problems at all. But I don't think it's that much better than the 2000 once you get the clutch and the carb straight.

Did the 2000 have the counter balancer shaft key problem? I don't remember if it was the '00 or '01 which they fixed this in. Anyway, if the '00 has the old style shaft then you could potentially have the key on the counter balancer shaft get loose and need replacement, in addition to what was mentioned above. I personally would go for the '01 or later just because some many small things are polished. The '00 doesn't sound like a bad bike, just not as polished.

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