450 rod

Does anyone know what company makes a good connecting rod for the 450? I have a YFZ450s and the rod bearing let go on me so I want something stronger. Any thoughts?

not sure about the 450, but I know that a Falicon rod out of a stroker CRF fits a 426 with a few extra base gaskets. In my opinion, Falicon is as good as it gets, and priced accordingly.

Could you send me more info on this mod I'm curious to know what the actual height the cylinder needs to be raised, would this be stonger and better for a 440

Their site has been updated since I was there last. They now list a rod especially for the 450. Or maybe a 502cc stroker kit is what you need?


Thanks Hamish! I dont know about the stroker cz I want something reliable cz I'm planning on racing and trail riding.

I know a guy that builds 4cyl bike engines for use in speedway cars. They make almost 200Hp at the wheels. He's been doing it for 20 years and yet to have a Falicon rod fail. Carillos are good for a few seasons only. The Falicon rod just looks like a well engineered product.

Well I think I just found my rod! :thumbsup: Thanks for the help! This place is better than anyother forum!

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