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Hey guys .. this is a little off topic but I'm hoping you could help. I am starting to take up triathlons and I am looking for a good resource to find a used road bike (you know the kind you pedal). Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!


I used to do tris out in So. Cal. Got 2nd place a few times in my age group and a lot of 3rd places too. It's a great sport that is unfortunatly not given enough credit and recognition.

You will have lot's of fun and will get in GREAT shape too.

The best thing to do is start checking your local newspapers and also don't forget about E-bay.

Try mybikesite.com and check the ads.

Hey Charlie-

I'll email you some info on where to get one for a great price.

How's the 125?


wow - thanks for all the feedback guys. I'll check all those links out - starting to remember how I felt when I knew nothing about motocross/cycles ... Talk about starting over clueless again ... Thanks!


MTBR.com, ridemonkey.com, pinkbike.com........

Great sights, many many used bikes for any price range or style desired. MTBR is where I got my bike from a Canadian dude.........


Dodger :):D

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