Have you seen the Chick in the Latest Dirt Rider?

watch out for the kicker on the top

If you dont like her your GAY!

Originally posted by SoundChaser:

...now there's a set of doubles I would like to clear! What ya think, 2nd or 3rd gear ?

clear??? If I was to jump those doubles I'd take my helmet off and pray for a face plant.

don't knock implants....if you could get your junk lengthened you would...

No I wouldn't.

Leroy axed the teacher, Teacher I gots the biggest one in the third grade is that cause I'm black.

Teacher: No that because your 18.


You're killing me....... :):D

Posted from Jason in KC


"check those pics in DirtRider closely, she is sportin' a big a$$ diamond on that left hand..looks like some lucky feller has made a claim!!!" -----------------------------------------------

A ring doesn't plug a hole!

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To me there is nothing sexier than a "Dirt Girl". Now if you could just find one that sexy that can ride as good as we can. Can you imagine having Sharon being able to ride and compete with you and then take her home and well you know what I mean. Dam, what a nice thought!!! LOL Frank :):D

The Last Frame of this sum it all up

You will Need Power Point to View this or IE just click anywhere in the screen once its up for each page


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OH Sh@#*@#, EGO, that was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!!!

How can I get that as a file-I need to send that on to a few people...


We've got those damn motivational posters hanging all over this office...

Anyone who wants it PM me with an email and I will forwadr it to ya

Or you can right mouse click on it and save traget as.

It will be saved as a .ppt file but there you can right mouse click and choose show

[ August 15, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

She must lack any self esteem to have had those headrests installed! Regarding getting any male parts lengthened. If someone was to offer a way of lengthening (the already long thing LOL) but I would lose all feeling I would never consider it. Suicide maybe! :)

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! Oh my god, that was too much....

Dodger :):D

What???? I can't believe these negative comments from guys who ride and race dirt bikes. Both my RM250 and my YZ426 are bristling with after market parts. It is only fair that my girlfriend has "Bolt-ons" too. Hinson clutch, ceramic coated cylinder, graphics kit......D-cup boobies.

Nothin' wrong with fixin up your ride!!!

I will try to feel sorry for her (or me!) when she is in my garage hanging out with me and the bike while she is busting out of her white Dirtgirl tank top.

There are females in dirt bike mags? Funny, I only have eyes for my sweetheart.

And she's looking over your shoulder right now.

If you can touch them , they are real !!

Sex does sell. It isn't that people buy things because a hot chick is sitting on it or wearing it. It is because the advertisers are simply trying to get the consumers to look at it in the first place. It is easy to go blowing by an ad when it isn't very noticable. Put a hot chick in your clothing and people stop to look. If enough people look the chances of your product being exposed are much greater.

That girl isnt Sharon Moore, and if it was, her boobs aren't fake, and yes it is a service Honda CR 500AF.

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