Just a casual observation...:)

Posted in both 250/450 forums:

As a vet rider who sometimes struggles with the bike in the "open" class, I have asked, as have others, on the viability of switching to the 450F for more ponies. At the same time, I have seen other posts asking about switching the other way due to the 250F's rideability. What I have seen is people going both directions and making the right choice for them, and others who decided having both bikes as the answer. I have not done anything to my respective situation for fear of making the wrong choice, but I must admit that having one of each seems like the most logical answer, unless one bike or the other starts collecting dust. Just throwing this out as a casual conversation discussion.....:thumbsup:

I ride them both, love them both, and I put in slightly faster laptimes on the 450 but that really is due to the help with the power in the straights. By far the 250 is easier to ride but they are both fun bikes. I never really feel I am at a power disadvantage on the 250 either. Even when I race +25.

You probably are a faster rider than I am, especially, if you don't feel you are at a power loss with the 250F.

BTW, is it a problem to switch back and forth between bikes at the same race? Like say 125b class with the 250f and then ride 250 bwith the 450f?

Vet I now ride both,the 450 just feels quicker. Has a total different responce. But easy to adjust to either. I race woods though.You will not be dissappointed in a purchase of a 450. Feels just like my 250f.......just more of it :thumbsup:

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