Can someone tell me about the footpeg mod or how to do it??

After you remove the pegs, you will see a spacer-type "barrel" that positions the peg upwards and to the front of the mounting brackets. Take a hacksaw and cut that barrel off. Now, weld the barrel back on the peg, but position it so the peg will be positioned down and away in the brackets. This is all much simpler looking at it as opposed to describing it.

Some of the engineer types in here have said that it is imperative that you weld the barrel back on, so I did.

If you have any more questions, I can probably post a picture tomorrow.

Good luck!


Why do you have to weld the spacer back on the top?

Weld the spacer back on, even just tacked in a couple of places - it is much stronger and less stress on the pin.

The other thing you need to do to complete this mod is the swap the springs from left side to right side and vice versa...


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I don't have my factory pegs anymore, but I don't remember anything being wrong that warrants a hack.

What's up?


Yeah it would be great if you could post a picture for me. I weld so there is no problem doing that just want to be sure its done right. also anyone know of any aftermarket pegs that lower the position?

Save your money and do the mod to your stock pegs!

Cut the barrels of the bottom of the pegs,now weld them to the top of the pegs,and swap springs. By doing this you have dropped and moved the pegs back about 1/2".

as Brandom noted the pegs once removed need to have the spacer hack sawed off.

Once this is done do the following

<ul type="square">[*]de-burr all edges around the spacer and peg (Effectivly)[*]No Need to weld[*]grease heavly -- Pin and Inside of Spacer / Peg[*]Springs now have to be swapped right to left side[*]Enjoy the 1/2 inch back and 1/2 inch down position

This was in my opinion the best mod for ergo's I made. I am a tall rider and my feet are huge, they used to get caught up in the shifter whil standing not any more.

You will have to adjust your back brake though.

Someone also had posted Pics do a search on peg mod

Here is the orig link and a pic


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Anybody have any idea how to cut a stainless steel IMS peg? 24 hacksaw blades is not a good answer either.

I dont know if this happens to anyone else, but I have accidently hit the rear brake going into more than one set of woops. This is a very bad idea, and Ive wanted to move the brake forward about an inch ever since I got this bike. If you look straight down on the bike, the shifter is about an inch further foward than the brake. My Honda has them in the same place, which make sense to me.


The only way your gonna cut stainless is to bring it to a machine shop unless you know someone with a small band saw.

You might try a dremal with a bunch of the fine fiber cutting wheels....

Hardware stores sell carbide impregnated hack saw blades.

They cut through almost anything.

I use them in my shop to cut hardened steel.

Thanks to everyone. Got the mod done but havent got the chance to try it. Hurt my back doing a backflip on a BMX bike. oh well "To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid"

Hick,after doing the mod,i noticed that the kick starter was hitting a creating a a big dent(gouge)

i got a piece of rubber fuel line that barely fit over the kickstarter and worked it down to where it was hitting, now the rubber is taking blow. It will wear down someday,then put another on.I've also been trying not to kick it so hard.If it's in the sweet spot,you can kick it easy without hitting the kickstarter.

Originally posted by Shawn Mc:

Anybody have any idea how to cut a stainless steel IMS peg? 24 hacksaw blades is not a good answer either.

A chop saw will work, but it is still a bit tedious. I would think a band saw would only work w/ a carbide blade or something harder than a standard steel blade.

How does the right side IMS peg get along w/ the kick starter? I had a set of Pro Circuit pegs but took them off because it looked like I was just going to gouge a crater in my starter and eventually break it in half. Instead of hitting a squared-up pad the starter hit the sharp edge of the peg. I’d like to try those IMS pegs but I’m wary of what they will do to the kick starter.

Tried out the footpeg mod today. It's a great! More leg room and lets you stretch out over the back of the bike. Thanks guys. I did weld the spacer back on, I see some guys didn't. Thanks again.

I was weighing 255lbs and I never welded the spacer back on with no failures yet. The pins are straight even after much abuse. :)

I did the mod on my IMS Pro Series, I didn't have any trouble cutting them with a hacksaw. I didn't reweld the barrels...but I may after reading the comments here. :D

I weld so there is no problem doing that just want to be sure its done right. also anyone know of any aftermarket pegs that lower the position?

IMS and Fastway both do. I ordered a set of IMS Pro Series lowered for my 450( the set I cut are on my 250). They came ready to go, just pull the old pegs and swap the springs! :)

I have a few rides on my cut foot pegs without them welded. The pins seem fine without any bending at all. I'm not going to touch them. I'll wait to see if they do bend.

What exactly does it do? It would seem to lower the COG but what are the benefits? Is it just for guys with big feet and long legs or are there other benefits?

When you do this mod, where does the kick start contact the peg after the mod? I'd be worried about knocking a huge gouge in my kick start after this mod. :)

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