It does miss the bump on the kick starter. I used grip glue to glue a piece of rubber to the spot were it hits. Somebody above mentioned making a rubber sleeve from a piece of fuel line. I like that idea, I think I'll try that when this piece needs replacing. :)

I'd also thought about using a piece of shrink wrap to secure a rubber bump on the kick starter arm...might look cleaner than the glued on piece..... :D

Well, my "bump" is long gone anyways, so I guess I'd really have nothing to lose :)

Several weeks ago I received an order of the first shipments of the new Evolution II F3 pegs by Fastway. Man, they are awesome! Electro plated nickel finish, PLUS they are interchangable between Lo-boy style and regular style pegs, meaning you can have them high or low. They are BIG and WIDE. In the low position I've never experienced a more comfortable mod for my bike, and I'm 6'6"! Plus, the teeth are replaceable allen head screws. Top notch quality.

Yep those footpegs look pretty impressive, but I think Alpinestars sponsors their manufacture and I buy my own boots..LOL

I had my kick starter all nice and shiny with Mothers Polish. I kicked it hard and it made a small mark (oh well). I just learned to not kick it as hard. And now I don't even hit the foot peg anymore.

Hardware stores sell carbide impregnated hack saw blades.<p>They cut through almost anything.<p>I use them in my shop to cut hardened steel.

Thanks Breezer.

Got mine done tonight. I finally got my butt to the harware store to get the carbide blade. Man that thing cut great though my hardened steel Pro-Circuits!

I've seen the Fastway pegs, their made here in Portland OR, pretty cool looking and really wide. Might have to give them a rey if I ever waste the stockers (which I lowered and did not weld the spacer).

I came across these Pivoting Pegs while wasting time on the net, anyone ever seen or rode these things?

More pics



I welded the barrel's back on the footpeg yesterday. Man what a waste of time that was. :D

Now I have to cut them back off again. All while in the process I have managed to make them about 3-4mm shorter than they originally were.

The welds were in the way of putting the springs back on (I dont have anything to grind the welds down with) and when I welded them, I did not get them centered exactly over the hole so I cant get the pin though.

Oh well, I think they will work fine without being welded on. :)

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