Too many choices...

Hey guys,

Perhaps you can help. I am looking for a MX bike to replace my 2000 YZ 250 2 smoke. I ride in the desert, the trees and on the MX track. I have my WR for the off - road stuff, now I need a track bike, but I will occasionally ride it in the dez as well. I have narrowed it down to the choices in my signature.

What do you think? Anyone?

Oh, what the heck, buy them all :) while your at it, buy the YZ250F also.

It depends on what sort of track riding you're talking about.

If you want to do anything seriously, you may be better off with the 2-smoke unless you can throw some bank at the YZF and get the weight down.


Originally posted by omnivortex:

Hey guys,

Perhaps you can help. I am looking for a MX bike to replace my 2000 YZ 250 2 smoke.

I myself am considering among a new CRF 450, YZ 450, WR 450, and KTM 450/525.

How ‘bout a Husky 450/570? Husaberg??


On the other hand, maybe you and I both should buy a new YZ 250 two stroke. Most of the faster off-road guys I race with ride either that or a CR 250.

Your WR can be your practice bike, and the 250 your race bike.

Just something to consider since you already have the thumper....

How about a KTM 450SX with the e start and tranny gears from the mxc. that would be the best all around bike I can think of. of course this could be a possible thing to consider with the new yamahas too. the wr's e start and 5 gears and it still would weigh less than last years 426

Id buy the CR450F. Im glad I gots me flameproof suit on :)

Go with a drz ya thats it a drz, the cannondales just plain suck, I dont like red, the 450 is 4 speeds :)

and Kawasaki is not even a real bike.

So the drz is a real pretty yellow uhh bike :D

Here ya go a Link with all kinds of choices

Bikes to pick from<--Click Me

Ya got the blue ones, red ones yellow ones black ones... Brown ones and all Dang wish I remmebered that song

Standing side by side with our flame suites on eh Shawn :D

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