WR450F valves/problems

I'm thinking about getting either the '05 Husky TE510 or an '05 Yamaha WR450F when they come out....

However, I've been reading in several forums (both Yam. and Husky) about valve problems and so forth with all 4 strokes......

Can anyone attest to any significant problems with the Yamaha 4-strokes? And, how has Yamaha been treating customers and assisting those with repair costs?

So far, my 250F is fine, but I know I better check my clearaces/specs. soon and am worried about future issues with these bikes...

I think your in the wrong forum. You need to ask the Honda guys about this one. I've had 3 4xx's and all have been rock solid reliable. Valve issues are not common on the WR/YZ's. As far as standing behind their customers Yamaha treats them just like all the other mfrs. - like dirt! You do get a 30 day warranty though which is better than most.

Out of all the Jap 4 strokes, the yamahas seem to have the most reliable top ends. Even in the 250 class, where the constant higher RMPs put a lot more stress on the valvetrain, they seem to hold together very well. The same cant be said for the RMZ/KXF 250's. Just keep in mind that all Titanium valves do have a shorter service life than stainless valves, but thats the price we pay for a significant weight saving.

as was said above, the wr valve train has been very reliable. they've had plenty of time to figure it out. most owners will have to adjust the valves once and forget it. as far as yamaha and owners........well, your better off building a good relationship with your dealer.

I've mostly heard of this issue with Honda's and now with the Husky's......glad to hear there's not too many issues with the Yamaha's.....I think I'm getting closer to my decision....

Too bad my local Yamaha dealer stinks.....I avoid our local dealer like the plague......

Too bad my local Yamaha dealer stinks.

As most of them do, from a technical/workshop point of view anyway. I'm just lucky my local dealer has an excellent spare parts guy.

Get the WR! You won't regret it.

Yellow bikes are not reliable if you ask me :thumbsup:

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