piddley crap

Im not really looking for a response on this topic but since I have had my bike (new in 99) the rear fender on this thing has been cock-eyed. Its a YZ fender and I have had 2 different fenders on it and both of them lean to the right if you are looking at it from behind. Why?

All I want is:

1. a bike that runs like a raped ape - check

2. a bike that looks awesome and does not look like it has been raped - check

3. straight fenders -

p.s. no, I have never bent the subframe it has been like this since it was new. Are there other people out there that have had this problem (if it is considered a problem) or that even care.

Thanks for your concern...


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Enduro Heaven

I put a YZ fender on my 2001 WR426...same thing! The stupid fender is bent to the right.

I've currently got a YZ fender on mine and it's cocked to the left. And I thought it was just my bike!

I remember that my 99 400 had the same issue the day I picked it up,new. You will have to take the rear fender off, find a crowbar or somthing to get leverage with, stick it between either the inside or outside subframe & the rear tire, w/ leverage on the opposite side(either from a friend or I used a support pole 6x6 in my basement)pull or push, but make sure you do it in small increments. Do not even try to straighten with a sledge hammer, a friend of mine tried this method - made the issue 3x worse. You can get it completely straight this way.

Gee I just put a UFO YZ style fender on mine and it looks perfect! I did have to file a notch to accomodate the overflow tank hoses but other than that it fit great.


'00 WR 400




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