98 YZ 400 hot start

I have an old 98 YZ 400 with no hot start button.Is there a way to rig an aftermarket setup on my carb? I bought a Dr. D handlebar mounted hot start ...but all it does is extend the existing button.... What if you have no button?Can anyone help me?the carb i have has a spring loaded diaphragm that has 3 hoses connected to it, what is the purpose of that diaphragm?Does anyone out there have or have had this year YZ 400?

The 98 had the hot start port on the head. If you get a terrycable bar mounted hot start it should work. The only spring loaded diaphram I remember is the accelerator pump. P19.jpg

starttman wrote "where does the hot start attach toat the carb?where can i get the correct setup?


It does not attach to the carb on the 98, it attaches to a little nipple that is part of the head. It is drilled into the left side of the intake port on the head (small brass nipple). The terrycable valve mounts on the bars, and has a hose running down to the port on the head. I have it on my 98 and am very happy with it. You can get it at www.terrycable.com .The kit comes with a small plug for the tube that ran from the stock hot start valve to the airbox also.

Shoot me a PM. I have one for you.

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