Oil From breather Hose??

Hey I was just wondering if its normal to get a little spot of oil from the breather hose??? I have been noticing that my bike has been blowing a little oil from the breather hose. I have been changing the oil when the bike is warm and putting 1750cc's of oil and a new filter in ever time i change it. Just hoping its not anything major. could it be valves out of adjustment? or????

It's normal to get a drop or two. I would be more concerned if I did'nt see any overflow. :)

yeah but i am getting more than a few drops.

yeah but i am getting more than a few drops.

It's normal, the harder you ride, the more will come out, no worries.

If you are putting 1750 cc in each time you change the oil and filter, you WILL get more than a few drops. That is how much you should put into a completely dry engine.

I use 1650 cc for an oil/filter change. Then I check it the next time I run it.

Works for me.

Yep ,it's normal. Plus, sometimes it will spooge out a little more than at other times. Mine seems to run with the humidity. The higher the humidity, the frothier the spooge, and more of it.

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