Hey you guys are all over it LOL it automatically does it go ahead and call me dumb...............keith :):D

Is nt this guy who is ranting and raving about PowerNot

Man this is beyond belief, this just holds to my theory People are stupid by nature

This aint right, Im sorry cf but you lost all credibility with me...

[ August 14, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Before we all jump to conclusions, CF may have freinds with a warped sense of humor.

Lets give the boy a chance to splain.

Last time I checked it takes 10 treatments at about 500 each to remove a tattoo.

Maybe we could chip in to get THUMPER TALK tattooed across his forehead.

I'm always there to help someone make a complete fool of themselves.

When I was 18, I had a Tattoo put on that said


No it says

CA :)

Hey...I think beezers on to something! We could get a bulk buy going and get him all painted up with the TT logo. Strap him down to a flat bed trailer and haul him around to special events....great advertising

Can we say "ISSUES"! I think this guy has a few! LOL I ride a Yamaha, drive a ford, and love Pabst blue ribbon, so I think I will get them tattooed on me self! LOL Funny funny guy, what's up with some of them Jersey boyz?? Huh? Frank :):D

Think he's been spending a little to much time with the Hooka Smoking Catapillar if you ask me :) !!!

Dodger :D:D

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