visiting israel??? please read it!

actually the USA has one of the highest PER CAPITA murder rates in the world, and LA is the most watched. honestly, i would rather take my chances in Isriel then being a white kid with an expensive watch and shoes in Compton anyday. GOD, there was a shooting/murder in front of my work last summer, and then a car bomb/ murder the day after. My buddy used to own a shop in DC, he lost 19% of inventory annually to stray bullets. No kidding, he had 2 techs shot in 3 years by stray fire. America hasnt really changed much, people are just watching now.

You can blame who you want for what ever, but the whole freakin violence issue stems from gun control. Plain and simple. I cant remember which town, but there is a town in Ohio I think, that has a city ordinance that every home have a weapon. If you can afford it, the sherrif gives you a 12 gauge shot gun and a class on how to use it. Guess what the crime statistic is in that city? 0. No violent crime what so ever. They havent had murder since the ordinance came to law. Sure a car gets knabbed now and then, but burglary is zero, robbery zero. Why?

You gonna go into a home where you KNOW there's a gun in there? Heck no! Not even crooks are that stupid.

Same thing with Switzerland. They have a citizen militia. Every home has an AUTOMATIC WEAPON . Also, burglary is foriegn topic to them. Violent crime is almost nil. Almost exclusivley associated with domestic disputes only.

If it were me, Id arm every single palestinian, and Jew in Isreal, then we'd see how much they really wanna fight.

GAL becareful man. Good luck on getting a new bike. If you need somebody to pick one up for ya and ship it, PM me and I'll help ya out.

Gun control is being able to hit your target.

I thought gun control was having to use both hands!

Shawn your somewhat right


But the real reason for violence is MAN and MAN alone.

Man is an inherent evil beast. Bottom line

Look at human history, Look at the middle east history, look and the Islamic history and the evil they do in the name of allah

Man is inherantly Evil.

There is an answer But I will not expand on that in this forum. Excpet that if you are against Isreal you are against GOD, No nation has survived going against Isreal

E.G.O.**** you are right

if you are against Isreal you are against GOD, No nation has survived going against Isreal


Islam is no more evil than Christianity. The evil is in the interpretation of religion. Plenty of Christians have killed people, crusades and witchhunts, as well as muslim, gun-toteing, bomb-wearing terrorists.

No religions hands are clean.


Hey Racemile, why don't you go do some research before ya' go poppin' off next time.

The Koran, which is the Muslim's Bible explicitley calls for the killing of the so called "infidels" or non-believers.

The bible bible teaches tolerance of other religions.

In regards to that other blanket statement, people make up the body of a religion, and guess what??? NOBODYS hands are clean, not even your's.


Check out the book of Isiah, loud mouth, The tolerance presented here is to kill all the unbelivers. "dash their children against the rocks"

Do your research.



Dont take it out of context, Isaiah was solely based on a rebelious nation Isreal and there future exile. As they repented and turned from there wicked ways to retake a land promised by GOD. The book of Isiah recounts the sin of Isreal and how GOD would deal with them to restore them to a rightous GOD. And the children your refering to is Babalon (Now Iraq) a very evil nation.

You do the research

The Koran is a terrorist reliegion, a Islamic believer lives in fear / terror from a god that you can not be good enough. the fact that mohamad was kicked out / chased out on his first attempt to force a nation to his ideology then ten years he returns with an army and forces the netion to accept Islam or DIE.

dont even try and argue with me on this, I have studied religion and am a Christian (Not great One) but I am a believer. UNless you have studied the Koran, The Bible even the LDS and Jehova Witness, I am not going to sit and have a match with no wits...

Read and learn, yes blood shed as I say and I stated from a biblical stand point "Man Is inherantly evil.

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All due respect, but, you are correct, I wont debate this in this forum. I disagree with your and YZN's claim that Islam is an evil religion, or, at least more so than any other.

I would love to debate this with you further in more detail. Please PM me if you would like to continue this.

Good idea, I have some material I want to send you regarding your friendly Islam.


I will read, with an open mind, and try to understand, anything you send me. But, I expect the same from you. Keep in mind, my point in my post was to state that all religions have advocated violence at some point. NOT to say that one is better than the other.


If Islam is a peaceful religion why does it seem all of those palastinian weirdos are always in the streets screaming about who they want dead or how bad USA is???

If Islam is good why did they celebrate 9/ll Racemile??

You are a non-american sissy in my book. You are probably the next Walker-Lynn.


Your are an idiot, you have never been to Israel and have no ^&%$$# clue what you are talking about. And you are obviously extremely ignorant.

I read and hear comments like yours and am reminded of the ugly american concept.

So go ahead and flame out with your weak in-effectual blathering, I am sure you will give us another fine example.

Interesting thread <h1>GONE BAD!!</h1>

Havent we all been near or on this sub B4??

Team Oatmeal lucky Bastud!

Rhodie is one of my favorite places in the world!

I nearly bought a house up there B4 my "big business / corprate America / Fat Overpaid CEO company decided to boot me out or stay part-time 4ever! Did a little mtn biking up there and a ton of hiking every single wkend! in 94'-96'.

I used to live in Milwaukie. Pretty cool little town too! Not near as cool as Rhodie!


I dont think whoever is up there will look down on good deeds and decent morals............NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHO YOU PRAY TO OR DON'T!!


I am goin' to grab a beer and a glass of wine..........they did it in the Bible! :)

dont even try and argue with me on this, I have studied religion and am a Christian (Not great One) but I am a believer. UNless you have studied the Koran, The Bible even the LDS and Jehova Witness, I am not going to sit and have a match with no wits...
Who said you should never argue religion or politics with friends?

Well, I have looked at all of these great works.

I caution you to believe that your religion is "the one." A great person once said "There are many paths to the top of the mountain." And he wasn't riding a CR500! :)

If you consider the commonalities among all the religions - love, understanding, acceptance, and support of your fellow man, you would see beyond the dogma and perhaps come to the realization that most of the modern religions are similar. It may be that some of our less friendly zealots require refresher courses, but it is not the religion itself that causes fanaticism, it is the fanatic.

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Wow..........I was just on a Christian Vs. Muslim message board and they got into a great big 426 gearing argument.........Guess the Muslims where saying that it couldn't pull 15/44 outa' the turns.

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Enough is enough... This is, not

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