Pastana Poll

Geese, seems like my opinion actually was on the popular side for once. COOL!!!! :)

If that poll is any indication of how much race fans are willing to continue support for his MX career....

He's in Deep $hit !

Bonzai :)

I was not surprised. Being a business owner myself that is the decision that I would make. You can't have someone that you are paying a lot of money to race getting hurt doing those kinds of stunts. However as a fan I got to say I love to watch him freestyle!

Ya know what Pastrana reminds me of? A big ole, hyper active golden retiever that wont do what its told, lickin ya on the face and jumpin up on ya happy out of his mind all the time. Ya know what I mean, kinda hard to get mad at and annoying at the same time? LOL too funny. I feel sorry for Roger DeCoster. Never thought I'd say that!

Shawn is right my golden keeps eatin cat Poop no matter how hard I beat the bone head, I give I stopped buying dog food and just let him roam the hood for cat poop :)

Are we talking about dogs here or a spoiled freakin Brat

He may not be doing what they want but the press time he gets is big. If they fire him and he starts riding another manufactures bike that would be big for them and hurt suzuki.

I don't think it matters what DeCoster thinks, Suzuki has a rough time with Windham wanting to quit, and Pastrana not being in the outdoors.

He's had major injuries, and has shown he can run with Carmichael.

Thing is....he's pushing himself to the severe injury point (while MXing). Perhaps they feel letting him do what he does best at this point (freestyle) will allow him to get all of his confidence back and come back in '03 kicking like he can!

Besides, Suzuki makes out when Pastrana wins a competition, freestyle, or MX, they may not care.

That Sean Hamblin though....I wouldn't push Skuzy or DeCoster TOO hard though if I was Pastrana.......

Pastrana's popularity cannot be denied. The next time you're at the track, look around at all the RM 80s and even DRs with replica Sobe graphics and 199s. The kids still idolize him and that sells an awful lot of bikes!

He is still my kids favorite. But, without weekly exposure, he will quickly lose that popularity. A kid's memory is about as long as the last video game they played.

Nobody is beating Carmichael! If they dont train harder, they are not likely to beat him any time soon. Can you say dominance? Honda paid the price and got the man. Pastrana might be cute to all of you but he is a poser. He will not win any championships. :)

he will win again. look at how he rides. his riding is just different and he makes it look easy. if he got focused and in shape like RC, he would give him a run. if roger fires him, thatr will only make him try harder for another brand of bike. then all those kids who love him will switch bikes too. as long as he sells bikes, suzuki could care less as long as he is racing.


You guys are right about being a poser...And I honestly think his support system (parents) are the ones helping him make some of these poor decisions with Free style over Racing.

I voted for Suzuki to fire him because in all respect to any factory team's the highest compliment for a rider to be accepted by them.

Travis has this huge amount of talent and should use it where the team needs him the most.

Besides the fact there is a void in Suzuki's 250 class....I simply want to see the competition that he could give the top 5 riders...just look at Larocco...he gives it 100% and I don't expect him to finish 1st....I just like to see his efforts and skills put him where he deserves to be.


I'd ride with ya bro and I sit on a couch and drink beer too.

Nobody here disputes this kid's talent. Everyone knows this kids is awsome...most of us are simply saying the kid needs to focus on where he does best and that is racin.

It's just my opinion but dam guy he's competing with sports like skateboarding, and rollerblading when he performs in the gravity games....he's better than that Ok?

Rat Racing can vouch for this as well as anyother racer.

Bottom line is this::::

In the professional Arena Pastrana, Comicle (RC), and others are in is BIG BIG Buisness. The Fans as well as wins keep you on top of the game. As long as you can be marketed you are an asset to the company or companies sponcering you.

Fact is Roger May not like it, Roger Has no choice, Suzuki pulls the strings on this kid, and if selling bikes mean being #1 in X-Games guess were Suzukis focus will be. It sure as heck isnt in the MX team, they have not been a viable competitor in years there.

Windham may "MAY" be quiting becouse he sees the politics around this kid while he is training his butt off riding a peice of crap with no factory support.

Fans are Fans they go with a winner, I watched the X-game Classics last night, the one thing Pastrana does is give a good show, he is alwasy doing something no one else does, Back FLips off his bike landing on his feet, jumping into the bay or whatever, he is a classic showman, and thats what the crowd likes........

Plus When RoderD was running the show for Honda back when, look at the focus the honda team had around its riders and the personna the riders were marketed with. Look at RC now that tradition continues, this makes a winning combination...

Well Thats my $4.26 worth

[ August 15, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

I can't say I agree with some of you calling the kid a poser either. I have seen this kid ride on TV quite a bit, now I have seen him in person ride 2x and this was back earlier in the year at the Atlanta supercross and back at Budd's Creek some two years ago. This kid can do anything. I agree he needs to get into the shape of carmichael so he can run a whole race, but to be able to get on that bike of his whether it be a 125 or a 250 he is simply amazing. I don't think I have ever seen a rider as smooth as he is. In Atlanta he was smoother and faster than MC or RC!! If he just could have kept it up he would have won that race I have no doubt. He is young and the freestyle scene is what he loves. I sure wish I had even half of his talent. The balance that he has is unmatched. I know one thing for sure, if he is fired from Suzuki then guaran-dam-tee they are gonna lose alot of loyal fans and customers buying their bikes. Some may disagree with me on this, but when Kawasaki fired Jeff Emig a couple of years back that was a big mistake. I mean if he was out selling drugs or doing coke or heroin or something then I can see a reason for it. But come on a little puff puff here and there ain't no big deal IMO. I thought that was wrong to fire him over. Completely different situation of course here with Pastrana but they will have made a mistake if they let him go cuz he will just find another manufacturer that will pay him and let him do what he wants. After all he is what 16 or 18 I can't remember. But he is young with alot of talent!! Keep doing what you are doing Travis!! Frank :)

you would have to be one deluded individual to call pastrana a poser. it appears that he just loves to ride motorcycles- whether freekstyle, moto, supercross, or into the grand canyon.

if you don't recognize this, you are likely a complete poser yourself. your friends probably talk about you when you are not around. "what a total style biting poser" they say as you arrange your sacred stickers on your hyundai...

could you all tell me why you are real enough to label travis a poser? this should be interesting.

you anti travis guys are totally gay,


ps screw corporate suzuki- they make crappy bikes that fall apart, and can't afford to buy a championship. how sad for them that they get loads of publicity from travis even when he is to injured to race (from racing crashes.)whaah.

oh, and to the dip**** spirtwell:

skateboarding is an impressive sport. super fun, super difficult. you should try it sometime... oh im sorry, you probably were born without equilibrium and the ability to chew gum and walk at the same time.

rollerblading is a different story however- how can those guys be so fruity? haha that would probably suit you well. rollerblade off and die!

in your face spirtwell!

Poser? You guys are out of your minds. You want to label him something just because he does not ride like YOU want him too. You need to get over the fact that freestyle is popular right now and this is what Travis wants to do. Freestyle will not be popular forever and if Travis is still able to race and WANTS to then it is his decision. If he is not able to race due to not being able to walk or a broke back from doing backflips then so be it. He is doing what he loves with his life and is getting paid to do it. How many of use can say that?

MadMike must take his ability to reply from the book-O-Vegas

you anti travis guys are totally gay,

Dude Your Prarie Dogging again :)

egodumbhole wrote: "MadMike must take his ability to reply from the book-O-Vegas"

Yznvegas: Dude, I had nothing to do with what this guy wrote, so leave me out of it. Trust me, I'll give you plenty of opps. to respond to me in the future but in the mean time, back off.

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