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Dude you are such a D*ck. That is an opinion I've made of you. I base my opinions on what I see and hear. I can think what I want about anyone I want.

You flame me in a forum for my opinion? You're the dumba$$. Who gives a rats a$$ what I think? I take from this forum what I need and the rest I throw in the mental dumpster. Why don't you ease up.


Cut with the names child, thats my point which went rightover your head again.

I made a funney and you respond with a name, I just noted the obvious and comonality of both your post

egodumbhole wrote: "MadMike must take his ability to reply from the book-O-Vegas"

simular in effect

"egodumbhole wrote:"


you anti travis guys are totally gay,

Very simular schooling

You back off

Dude, you are so out of line on this one it's not even funny.

You don't even comprehend my point do you?

Let me spell it out, you bring my name into something I had nothing to do with. (with a negative tone too). If you don't like my response to your negativity, than don't be negative towards someone that did nothing wrong in the first place.


1st: I understand your point very well, I said it was a funny, if you can not handle that then your on your own.

2nd: In typical fashion you take no responsibility for your posts and how you exhort yourself. Case in point your blast at Gal on the Israel Bike Post, To Me that was totally out of line Mr. know-it-all.

You start blasting with childish name calling take and then respond like its everyone else fault. Dude You Are Useless, I would bet you are a democrat aren’t you

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Egodumbhole wrote: "Case in point you rblast at Gal on the Isreal Bike Post, To Me that was totally out of line mr knowitall."

Yznvegas: Guess what Ego, Im just guessing here but I'll bet the owners of this board would not condone illegal smuggling of dirtbikes on their board, what do you think Mr. Know-it-all????


Once again the comback kid is not

You have not a clue as to what Gal has proposed, you tag on smuggling bikes without even understanding his Vague post.

Gal is a good kid, I highly doubt he is asking to smuggle. If he is then Im wrong and I will bash him for it. I have kept in touch with him from time to time in emails. So Vegas, as stated you are useless...

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Didn't surprise me a bit!!! And I put my "fire him" vote in there too!

Sorry, just my 2 cents worth!

Man the $hit is piling up deep around here....My Bull$hit detector is pegged to the full load....

There is so much $hit being talked around guy's must be SCUBA DIVERS FOR ROTO-ROOTER :)

Bonzai :D

No doubt at all that Pastrana is good for Suzuki. They just need someone a little more serious about racing on the team as well. I like to watch the kid ride but it's like he continually rides over his head. Once he matures a little he will be a lot better, as long as he doesn't hurt himself too many more times in the meantime

I believe that Travis will eventually smooth out and reduce his injury frequency along with making some better decisions. After all, he's just a kid. Give him a few years to mature (hope he lives that long :-O ). I think he's got it together fairly well for a kid. He works hard at whatever he does (he finished high school early), he gives no execuses why he didn't win (doesn't blame his bike, the factory, the track, etc.), and he has fun doing it. Even if he never wins another championship, he is doing what he wants to do and is enjoying it. That is more than I can say for a lot of the years I've lived.

Go Travis!

Here's something to consider.

FMX has introduced a new medium in which a motocross rider can obtain a paycheck and promote a sponsor.

In other words, motorcycles are no longer a sport that is just about racing.

The management of Suzuki is most likely the first manufacture to experience the complications of this fact. Only they may know what this will lead to, but perhaps the future may bring us two types of "factory rides", one for racing, one for FMX. Perhaps we'll even see two types of bikes being sold at our local dealerships.

In either case, Roger D. is where he is today because 18-year kids DON’T give him a headache. In other words, he not just a racing manager, he is by all respects, a representing executive of front-line marketing efforts. The top tier of his job responsibility is promoting the manufacture. In the past, that was only achieved by winning races. Now he has options.

Which means most likely Travis is given permission, and encouraged by Roger and Suzuki to do what he does, so don’t fail prey to media hype and assumptions.

Additionally, we have to consider what FMX has done for the sport of dirt biking over the last three years (an all time record selling period for the manufactures). The X Games and Gravity Games events have ignited a movement that has brought this and sports such as skateboarding to a level in which may out compete the growth towards ball sports.

We have only just begun.


I wanna go drinkin with Ego, Vegas, Kirtwell and Vegas. Im bringin my camera and Im getting some "You gotta see this" material for sure. LOL

Im laughin my ass off over here at you guys.

Ego had a point that kinda got washed out in the rants. If DeCoster quits, who ya think is gonna hire him? HONDA. Then what? Ya got Carmichael, under the same tent as argueably one of the most competitive motomen ever to live, that has already proved to be a giant motivater. If this was to happen, its would be a really long time before somebody else wins a race, let alone a championship. Just my $4.26

IMO, Travis can run with anyone when his head is in the game. Right now I think he is mentally whipped. His run in with Larocco and others, has probably left him second guessing his decisions. We all know how dangerous that is in any kind of competition.

The gravity games where probably the best thing he could have done. Sometime's athlete's just need to win one in order to get back to the top of their game.

Because of his points standings, Why risk his talent and future when his head is still messed up. I wouldn't be surprised if Roger was encouraging him to take it easy and get a little R and R.

Travis will be back. RC will have issues when he does return.



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