rekluse lets me down!

alright, let me first say that i like the clutch and my problem is that i dont have the lever override.

i was riding this huge, steep and rocky hillclimb. my trusty auto-clutch 426 has never let me down, but this hill was different. my bike pulled hard at the bottom of the hill, but as i got further up the hill the RPM would keep dropping... to the point where i would stop and be unable to start uphill again.

i kept trying it, raised the stall speed, but nothing worked. it climbs everything but that hill.

just a heads-up. if your a perspective auto-clutch buyer and think it will make your bike a great hillclimber, be prepared to spend the extra $100 on the override lever.

sounds to me like you got a burn't clutch plate ,should be the one on the outside. You got the old style? or gen 3? Happened to me. I didin't go back and adjust mine :thumbsup:

I also think that it's your clutch plates. The z-start is basically acting as your top plate of the clutch stack; I think it's the stack itself that is letting you down. The yz's have had a history of needing special treatment when it comes to plates and the z-start. I suggest you call rekluse and talk to those guys; I don't think they'll let you down.

The yz's have had a history of needing special treatment when it comes to plates and the z-start.

but the fiber plates are recentley new. :thumbsup: what kind of special treatment are you reffering to? i havent really overheated the clutch at all, only have about 15 hours on the fibers. i also have this horrible clutch noise when i take off now, like a chatter or a loud howl. its like the clutch basket or hub is resonating. the last time i had this problem, the innermost friction disc facing the hub was glazed. could this be where the sound is coming from? ill take it apart tomorrow.

could i use an 01 seat plate (not the clutch boss spring, just the seat plate) to eliminate the friction between the innermost friction plate and hub?

i will call rekluse tomorrow and see what they think, but i was just assuming i didnt have enough RPM to engage smoothly.

it really sounds like you need to adjust your stack more than you have the old style? alot of little shims you put between each bolt? If you do ,I bet 3 blind mice thats your problem :thumbsup:Time to adjust my friend

If the RPM is dropping then it sounds like the motor itself is letting you down. Perhaps you are a gear to high?

If the RPM is dropping then it sounds like the motor itself is letting you down. Perhaps you are a gear to high?

that could be the problem, im using 15/47 gearing since the clutch compensates. i was using 1st. nothing wrong with the motor, but that hill was way too steep to attack completely without a clutch to slip. the gearing only aggravated the problem.

machoman, your probably right. i might have miscounted shims. im gonna open er up, call rekluse, get a lever override and see what they think about all this. this should solve my problems.

If you just ran out of RPMs (motor bogged out against the clutch) your gearing is just way too tall. 15/47 is pretty ridicuously tall for off-road riding. Idle in 1st gear is probably about 10-12MPH. Anything less than that is slipping the clutch, by definition. Unless you're on fairly open fast trails, this gearing is just too tall and you're going to get fairly short clutch plate life.

Check your installed gap, make sure it's within spec. Try Chevron DELO 400 for your oil, might help with the chatter a bit, don't install your clutch boss spring or the washer. The best fix I've heard of for the chatter problem on pre-04 bikes is an aftermarket basket (although I have no personal experience with this myself).

Our tool-free hotline is 1-866-REKLUSE.

Al, you do make some good points. i always wondered what the rekluse guys would say about my gearing. bottom line - i must have this gearing, no matter how much i wear the plates.

well, i completely removed the z start, made sure there was exactly 7 shims on each post. i removed all the plates, no glazing. there is only slight wear on 1 side of the topmost friction plate, so i just turned it over. the installed gap is still .96mm, so no real wear since i replaced the friction plates.

after i got it all back together, it still chattered like hell. i tried both springs, different tensions on both. nothing helps. i will definately try that chevron oil, anything to reduce the chatter.

im going to order the perch adjuster tomorrow. if im taking off, ill just slip it at the lever or pop the clutch. that should eliminate the chatter.

thanks for the help, al and all. :thumbsup:

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