Has anyone heard from or know the where abouts of COOLHAND??

Are you talking about Coolhand from the GA area. If so, the last I saw of him was around Nov. of last year at a race at Echoconnee (GPG series). He said his wife got a job down south (GA). Haven't seen him since.


Brian, you can find Coolhand by going to

I believe he is in the Albany/Valdosta area. I see him posting on here under the Rides section.

I hope you are doing well in that Fla. heat. Are you going for the new 450 or ? :)

Yeah, thats the one. Last time I talked to him he was talking about re-inlisting full time. That was before Sept 11, but I knew he was moving to Valdosta. Thanks for the help.

Hey Dave, Im doing alot of night riding/racing. But now its raining most days out, I need a new bike soon, mines getting some time on it. Seems like every other week I'm fixing it, too much time on it to be riding it as hard as I do. They entire clutch and tranny is brand new, just an ongoing saga. Sometime in September a few of us are planning a trip up to ride a couple tracks in Ga, I'll give you a shout if it pans out. Is your number still the same? If its changed email me at

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Brian, it is still the same. I look forward to hooking up with you all.

Hello Guys,

MGR and David,

I am still kicking in Valdosta. My wife joined

a practice here so we relocated.


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