brembo brakes

Has anyone put brembo brakes on their yzf and is this possible? I am thinking about doing it if I can find any information on it.

Why would you do this?

Why not, brembos are the best brakes you can buy.

Not really. If you want "good" brakes, simply add the stinaless braided line to your YZF and some good pads like DP Pro Mx or even the stock Honda pads. If you want "factory like" brakes, then get a hold of a Honda master cylinder AND a braided line and you will have all the brakes you could need...

I'd have to agree on the Brembo brakes being great. Having ridden Honda's, Yamaha's, Kawasaki's, and KTM's, KTM's in my book have the best brakes.

But then, they are "honda" routed from factory, as Japanese patents do not apply to european machines, and hte bike is equipped with small diameter stainless braided everything you guys are telling him to do, is done from KTM factory.

The only problem I have had at all with my Brembos, is sometimes the front lever feels like it engages at different points....sometimes. Hmm..mabey it's just me.

I noticed there are two mounting holes on my brembos up front....I cannot see HOW the second hole can be used on a set of WP forks....perhaps that hole is for Showas/KYB's?

I'd do though what everyone says and get a set of narrow diameter stainless lines, re-route it, and save quite a bit of money!!!

Thanks for the help

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