All for nothing...

Well last night I decided I would finally rethread the oil filter drain bolt hole so I globed a bunch of grease on my tap and ran it in there. Didnt' seem to bad but I got some metal in the grease on the way out so I decided that I should remove the engine side cover to be sure that nothing fell in there. Well, I removed it, and not one piece of metal in there anywhere! Arg.. OK thanks for letting me vent, anyone else ever make an "unneeded" repair? Oh well, I just hope I have no leaks. :)

Better safe than sorry! Look at it this way, if you hadn't taken the cover off you would have wondered for weeks afterwards if there were bits floating about!!

Once I thought I had water in my gas and totally dismantled my carb for a cleaning. Come to find out it was only bad rear wheel bearings.

Boit you to have to explain how you get from water in the gas to bad rear wheel bearings. Thats kinda like, well my front brake is spongey, so I lubed the chain!! Now it feels better.

I once took the whole side cover off, brake pedal, kick start, water pump, main gear, clutch, and everything because I thought my starter assembly was getting in a bind.


My decompression shaft was broken (not sure how that happened, looked like a bad weld).

But I also want to know how bad wheel bearings were mistook for bad gas Boit.

When I was younger (and stupider, uhhh, more stupid?) I hydro-seized (or whatever) the motor in my Blazer on a camping trip during a water crossing. So I get a new motor, RV cam, Edelbrock intake and carb, Hooker headers etc. etc.

Thing ran like crap.

I checked the valve lash twenty times at least. I degreed the cam. I pull the intake and check the lifters. I replace the coil. Check the ignition timing fifty times. I rejet the carb. I check the timing again. I check the firing order.

There was water in the gas. Gee, I wonder how that got in there? Oh yeah, it was when I submerged the #@$% thing in the Mimbres river!


I did drain the gas but the vapor recovery system was totally water logged. Not sure how I even made it out of there.

I will pat myself on the back for getting us home from the camping trip on 7 cylinders (out of an optimal 8). Blow the motor in the middle of the Mimbres river, absolute middle of nowhere and I pull the pan, find the bad cylinder (bent wrist pin), and remove the piston and rod. I’m a genius! I can fix anything! Let’s fire this thing up!

HEY! What is with all that smoke!

Gosh my air cleaner is SOAKED in motor oil! Where could it be coming from? Oh yeah, that big hole in the motor, commonly called a cylinder, which is connected to the intake manifold, which is connected to the carb etc. Moron. Pull the valve cover and remove rockers and push rods for that cylinder.

Thing ran like **** but we only had to go about 100 miles of twisty roads. Those guys never went camping with me again. I wonder why? I had a great time.

hey hick, thats a great bunch of shade tree mechanican. Anyway, I got good laugh from it regardless.

Same type of thing happened to a friend of mine right before my eyes, except two of his pistons became basically dust, it all started with "I bet your truck can't get through that pond....................

Always being used to race style mx bikes that always have a momentary button kill switch instead of a regular switch.......I worked on a friends bike and sat there scratching my head as to why this thing would not fire. My non mechanical cousin came by and said how about turing the switch to doubt that was the reason that it wasn't firing..........absolutely no doubt I played it off like I knew that !!!!!!!!

I got home one day and my old ladys car wasnt there. So I asked her where it was. She said it was at the shop getting the windshield wipers fixed. Without asking me to look at them first. So I asked her what were they doing to need to be fixed, and she said, when I turn them on, they come on at different times everytime I use them...


I told here, " You have intermentant wipers Jackass".

So she went and picked up her car and got a $130.00 bill for them to look under the hood..

She felt stupid

Shawn; you caught me. I exaggerated a little. :)

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