Throttle Position Sensor

While waiting for a leaner needle to arrive, I've been checking my electrical system and jetting. I am rich on the needle and none of the clip positions got rid of it. Piolt and main are ok. I read where someone disconnected their TPS. For grins, I tried it and the response improved significantly. There was still a little richness left over. What happened? What did the CDI do to make mid range run leaner?

I went through all the electrical checks and the TPS was only out of tolerance on the full throttle coil reading 3.88 kohms at full throttle rather than manuals range for 4 to 6 kohms. Since the bike is new, should I have the shop replace it?

I reconnected the TPS.

Check out my post in the jetting forum, a lot of us WR 450 guys are disconnecting the TPS and what a difference were getting.

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