What would you PAY !!

Question Just curious

What would you pay to keep your powerband as it is (no loss or change) but down the db level 90db or below?

Im in one of thse HUmmmmm Moods this morning :)

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Not sure I'd pay more to modify my current bike but I may pay a little more for a new purchase. However, noise where I live and ride to this point hasn't been an issue.

Something manufacturers should work on in my opinion though.

uh,.... you'd have to pay me to make my bike that quiet.


Id pay a few hundred. Ive been hoping and waiting to see a sound reduction system related to the noise cancelling headsets that are used in avation. Im sure any of the pilots here who have used them will vouch that they really are amazing. As I understand the process, they generate an identical sound that is out of phase with the sound targeted for reduction and amplify it. This doesnt eliminate the sound, but it reduces it. I read about the idea to use this technique on cars a couple years ago, but to my knowledge, an electronic auto exhaust sound reduction system isnt available yet.

Ego, I think I remember reading that you have a background in live sound....if thats the case, Im sure you'd understand the process if your not already familiar with it.



Not sure what you read and where, but the only sound back ground I have is when I eat at the local TacoRia fart-1.gif

I do have experiance in building sound studio's. so I am familure with sound deading material.

But what you are explaining is the same theroy of white noise in buildings. White noise is pumped into an area to match the acoustics in that given area, it is as you say equalizing the sound preasure giving the impact or QUITE (cancels out)

I would just want to know what would one pay to get a bike down to 90db

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The noise canceling that you are speaking about has been applied to the new crop of airliners like the 777 and the CRJ(which i think is the quietest). They use different convergent and divergent ducts in addition to the ones already there to lower the db to comply with the FAA. This I do not think will ever see its way to cars, but maybe bikes sometime. I say this because cars are not loud now. why not? because there exhausts are extremely efficient because they are also extremely heavy. heavy does not work on airlanes but on cars it matters not. maybe on ultra high performance cars and bikes it could be a good application to tradeoof the weight with. I too hope they do something about the noise because it will kill the sport on public property. Why the public tolerates Harleys and not dirtbikes though is whole other concern which pisses me off, but don't get me started. the ANR headsets are awesome; the Bose is the best

Maybe I desearve this but :)

I asked

What would you pay to keep your powerband as it is (no loss or change) but down the db level 90db or below?

Just give me what you think it would be worth to ya


500$ just for slip on, Not to me though but I am sure a lot of people would pay it

If the power were left as-is and they could cut the noise down significantly I would pay several hundred. If noone can hear me riding then noone will want to kick me off the land. :)

I would pay the same as I pay now for the current exhaust systems. I would pay much more though to get the greenies to go away and forget all about this sound testing stuff.

I said I pay a few hundred.....sorry If I derailed your topic, but Ive seen you turn plenty of topics into jokes, flames, arguments, etc.....It gets annoying when your really interested in learning or discussing something.

Bamibi: I think I remember reading that the auto application was to increase performance and reduce flow restriction....looked pretty cool...just a straight pipe back from the converter with a speaker right near the tip.


I wouldn't pay the dealer anything.........

I would pay a couple hundred to the manufacturer.......

But for you EGO, it's gotta be worth $400........ :)

In all seriousness, I suppose it would be right in line with one of those loud ones currentely in the market. It's the same thing, just going the opposite direction, quieter with same power vs. louder with same power. I think it would be awsome to be able to stealth these bikes around, expecially in town. Last thing I need is to bring attention to my urban wheelies :D !!

Dodger :D:D


Since I've already paid almost $600 to have my powerband not really changed whilst ADDING a few Dbs, and I've also paid almost $400 to really damage my powerband whilst getting down to around 96 Db (just a guess on FMF Q), albeit temporarily, then I guess I'll say I'd easily spend $750 for stock power and 90 Db....

...unless it involved a bunch of extra weight.

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I forgot to mention that I would even accept a couple of extra pounds if they can keep it quiet without hurting the power. If our bikes were so quiet that no one could hear it 100 yards away then that would cut the complaints from the general public at least in half, in my area anyway.

It sounds like EGO has an invention sitting in his garage.

Perhaps this is a marketing quesion.

:) Bob..........

I think...........HMMMM


I'llllll.........bid ........ONE dollar .BOB

ONe dollar!!



Check you PM Please

I'd pay $300 if my ex-wife must move 900 miles away as part of the deal.

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LOL your on, working on it :)

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