What would you PAY !!

Ego, I would treat it like a spark arrestor. It's an add on to an already aftermarket exaust system so $40-50 depending on "trickness". When are you gonna tell us about your little secret?

I don't want to name drop, but I was talking to Dubach at the dealer show and he is working on a new quiet system. It does not have packing but has some sort of mechanical baffles. It is supposed to produce big power but low db's.

Im in the same boat as fireball. Id kick out about 40-50 bucks on it. But 90 db? How ya gonna scare heck outa the two stroker in front of ya with a 90 db pipe?

Just yesterday, I was out at Elsinore, and I came up on the back of some kid that decided he was gonna get all racey when he saw me behind him. It was kinda funny, his elbow immediatly go straight up, and hes on tank clutchin and wackin at the wing ding like a wild man. Im back there sitting down, even over the jumps sitting, finally I got tired of this sillyness after about 4 corners of it and I just pushed up behind him going in the corner, pulled in the clutch and bounced the motor off the rev limiter, and he totally paniced and drove straight off the course. I was laughin so hard I almost missed the next double.

I know the pipes need to get quieter, but I'd miss my secret weapon for sure :)


I would pay 50 to 60 bucks. If you could increase my power in any way I would give you 500 to 600.

Are you inventing something else?

CRD makes a pipe advertised in the most recent Dirt Rider that claims 91 dB and a performance boost in the low and mid. I forget exactly but I remember a cost of about $300-$400 or so for the silencer.

about a buck two fifty :) i wouldnt do it, cause i like to wake up the neigbors at 5:30 in the morning on sunday before loading the bikes up and the R4 does the job..

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