GPR vs Scott's

I own a scotts and it is expensive yet flawless and worth it in my opinion.

I saw a GPR for cheap so I picked it up. I had to buy the post mount and bar clamp from GPR so I called over there. Customer service was great, got a racer discount and parts showed up on my door the next day. Great service!

I went to install the post mount and skimmed the instructions and it said "filing required" so I figured a file woul dget the job done...not the case. I had to take off a quarter inch by eigth by 3/16 and it wasnt just some was "get the dremel out and put on some safety glasses" type filing. So I grind off as much of the parting line as I can without screwing up the machined surface on the dipstick hole.

Tower still doesnt fit. so I get out a small rat tail and begin to file MORE and re-fit...still no go. So I have to start grinding on the tower to get it to go...this whole time im thinking..."why didnt they put a groove into the mount so no mickey mousing is involved at all, they did it on the front side...why not the rear?"

OK so after tearing into the tower and re-fitting a couple times its a go.

I put it all on and it looks nice and took it for a putt around the block...not the same kind of feel as my scott's but can still tell its there.

So after dealing with both Scott's and GPR...I would have to say that the Scott's fits much better and didnt require clearancing anything or power tools to install. It looks good and is badass in the dirt.

The GPR comes with awesome customer service, but the fit isnt as great as I had hoped for. We will see how it works in the dirt.

For fit and form Scott's wins. For customer service...GPR wins. For function...I will keep everyone posted.

I had to take off the stock set of handlebars to install a front mount GPR but I needed new handlebars anyway. The installation on mine allowed using a hand file, not bad at all. The casting on the frames may vary from frame to frame causing the removal of more casting "flash" around the oil fill. I saved over $200 on a front mount GPR even including the cost of the new handlebars. Scotts are good but they are proud of them.

For fit and form Scott's wins. For customer service...GPR wins. For function...I will keep everyone posted.

and your selling the GPR??????


I love the scotts. I got that GPR with the bar mounts and forward mount for $340 so I couldnt pass it was worth a try. Plenty of people like the GPR...I just like my scotts and im pickin one up for the 650 so this ones got to go.

...if I never had a Scotts I wouldnt know the diff...but since I race with a scotts...the play bike needs a scotts!

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