drain plug repair

What is the best method to repair cases stripped from too many oil changes, helicoil?, oversize plug? thanks mike

Mike, I think that a heli-coil or timesert (spelling?) are probably the best ways to fix them, but they would require splitting the case to do them right. I have found that a piggy back plug works very well. I am sure you have seen them in your business. The good thing is once you thread the outer oversize plug in, you don't have to ever remove it. The oil usually takes a little longer to drain out of the small hole, but it beats splitting the motor or removing an oil pan. I have one on one of my cars now because it was stripped by a servieman changing it.

I think that it would work in this application. They hang down a little lower, but I believe it would still be well within the skid pan.

Has anybody done a timesert? I can't locate one that size. mike

i had the same problem with one of my boys bikes..i couldnt fing the right size..ended up carrying the bike to the local kawi shop and they put one in for 20 bucks..


I striped my 426 with a Moose magnetic drain plug (stay away from moose products, there managment knew they had a faulty product and have not done anything to take it off the market).

I went back to stock. Had to order a Heli Coil. Drilled a hole in plug and safety wire it now.

Good luck



I went with a Heli-Coli on mine. Flipped the bike over and packed grease into the drill and tap to catch the metal.

A little metal went into the case which was later captured by the filter.

The factory threaded hole actually has a grove that runs up the case, which I assume allows the bottom area of oil to drain. Either insert will block this, but short of doing some really custom repair, it's about the only choice.

It's this same grove that makes it difficult when drilling to center.

Lastly, there is a chance that you can go to a Suzuki plug, which is 14mmx1.5 (if memory serves me correctly). But again, the drilling for this may be too shaky.


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