wr 400 problems with exhaust

It is normal if you are going really slow or stop and idle for a couple of minutes. I try to avoid stopping in one place and letting the bike idle for more that a minute or two, if I stay longer than that I shut it off.

anybody tell me why my front part of the exhaost is glowing red hot??? any advice appreciated

lean jetting, or normal. Mine does that when I ride Hard at night in the dunes. I usually don't let it go too long, just as a precaution, but I have talked to WR riders who claim it is fairly normal. Changing to YZ timing changes the way the exhaust scavenges, and can change the pipe glowing as well.

I have also noticed the red glow on my head pipe, but only after idling. Once you move and make forward progress, (air movement), it will disipate, but do not let engine idle long.... I agree, I shut mine down also..

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