new 450f

Going to buy a 450f, will be set up for desert racing and gps, what do youguys do to these bikes and why?

well id definetely get rid of those crappy stock bars. i run pro taper doug henry bend and a pro taper top clamp and it works good for me. then if not first go and get a new chain. i went and bought one after one ride cuz i didnt want to deal with it stretching out really bad. if your doing desert go and get a desert tank. i rejeted my bike right when i bought it as well. i would recommend the zipty fuel screw. it makes it really easy to adjust. and the last thing i have yet to do is put a flywheel weight on it. every now and then the 450 will stall out in low rpms. the flywheel weight keeps the momentum goin. other than those things(i know it seems like alot but it isnt that much)just have fun and ride it like hell :thumbsup:

Depending on your skill level you may play with the rear sproket a bit. I actuall went up two teeth so I that I could get through the tight stuff without clutching and stalling as much. You can see in my signature all of the goodies that I prefer....... :thumbsup:

SUSPENSION. Next question.


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