Well I was changing my oil this evening in my 2002 YZ 426 and noticed I had a problem when I went to put my oil drain bolt back in the crank case. There was a small piece of aluminum on the bottom of the bolt toward the head. So I removed the metal and tried to thread the bolt back in and found out that my threads are probably stripped in the crank case. I couldn't tighten the bolt all the way up. So I took the gaskett off to see if the bolt would snug up without it and it did. I need to know what the best way to fix this problem. I would like to also know how reliable it will be in the future once i get it fixed.


Check out the other current post by Mike Dean on this subject. Good tips there.


Not sure if you're talking about the drain bolt on the bottom or the one on the side case. Mine was on the side case. I bought a tap and die. Re-tapped the hole and ran the drain bolt through the die. Been fine ever since. If its not too messed up this might work. :)

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Its the drain bolt on the bottom of the case.

If it's not bad then you might be able to clean it out with a tap like John said. If you try to fix it then you're likely going to have to drill it out anyway so I say give the tap a shot first.

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