HOT CAMS 4 the YZ fourtwosix

Has anyone installed HotCams autodecomp exhaust cam on their YZ426? How did it change the power delivery? Is it comprable to installing the Stock 450 cam? Thinking about doing it. I appreciate the good info! :devil:

I tried to search, but everytime a get a large thread my browser goes crazy & takes a poop on me. :thumbsup:

I installed the Hot Cam exhaust and intake about a month and half ago. The bike definately ran different but not in a bad way. The only way I can describe it is a loss of torque but quicker revs. I know it doesn't make a lot of sense but that's how it feels. Before I could "pull" in just about any gear. Now I have to think more about what gear I'm in and find myself feathering the clutch more than I used to (if I'm in a tall gear). But it also seems to get to the top of a gear a lot quicker than it used to. I guess the intake cam might have changed the performance a little also and you wouldn't have to deal with that if just changing the exhaust.

I don't know what the stock 450 cam feels like. I've never ridden a 426 with a 450 exhaust cam.

I'm extremely happy with the new cams. I hope this gives you a little more info that helps with your decision.

Good luck!

Sounds exactly opposite of what a 450 cam is supposed to do.

They say the 450 cam gives a little more lowend.

Sounds like the 450 cam is a little between a 426 yz and wr timing.

I noticed little difference in power delivery...which is a good thing. I was a little nervous that it might mellow it out, but it's still a beast. I feel the biggest benefit of the cam is the ability to bump start if you snub it or being able to restart in gear if you do stall it or crash. Starting in gear used to be hit or miss....usually miss.

Yeah, I'm just afraid of it feeling like a CRF450 :thumbsup:

I would really like to gain some seamless, arm pulling, front end off the ground while powering up a dune, bottom to mid grunt.

What I understand the 450 cam takes away the hit by filling in the flat spots with torq & power. I'm just still apprehensive about throwing a cam with a miss matched gear. Although I hear people report everytinhg working out ok. Havnt heard of any failures. This yamaha store on ebay was selling 450 cams with the decomp plug for $106.

I used the HotCams and enjoy the power delievery for me in the woods. If you like the delievery you have don't change the intake cam. I didn't have the greatest time getting it right so I tried all kinds of positions with both cams. I was one tooth out on the exhaust side which created alot of problem in starting. When I played with the intake side it made dramatic changes in power del. I'm no wrench by trade and Tony(Owner of HC super helpful) said what I was doing was a little drangerous. If you look at the back side of the cam I had the lobs set to high. I don't know if thats advance or what but the mid hit of the motor was way to much. I'm talking 1/4 throtle wheeles not even trying to pull on the bars. Their intake(is adjustable) comes set to a close to stock setting. I say close because it broadens but smooths the power with a quicker rev. I haven't messed with the adjustable intake but I like it better now any way. If you like the del. just buy the exh. side and save $. I ask this Question Does anyone feel the bike doesn't falloff to idle as quick? You see I made the mistake of doing the BK carb mod at the same time and rejetted it using JDs stuff :devil: Dumb move but the bike doesn't fall off like it use to. I think It's the carb...cause the bike runs great other than that slight high idle. :thumbsup: OH YEAH.. "VIBEGUY" get his plug (hes a TTer) yer gonna need it.

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